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The plugin uses Campaigns to create as many offers as you want. Each Campaign has 8 major components

  1. Schedule: To decide when to start and end campaigns
  2. Discount: To set up discounts based on fixed price or percentage
  3. Inventory: To define number of stock units to be sold during the campaign
  4. Coupons: To apply coupons to run time-sensitive Free Shipping offers or instant discounts
  5. Element: To show and match countdown timers, counter bar, custom messages sticky headers or sticky footer to your site’s design
  6. Events: To change discounts, regular prices, available units or sold units during the campaigns.Use this to set Early Bird Discounting, Bump sales etc
  7. Actions: To manage product attributes like stock status, add to cart button visibility and product visibility, during or after campaign
  8. Advanced: Other  features to further fine tune campaigns

Rule Builder

The plugin has a simple Rule Builder which allows Campaigns to be displayed when defined conditions are met.
Use over 19 rules to set up targeting for your different Campaigns.

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