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One Time

One Time schedule would have a specific start date/time and end date/time. Set it up to start the campaign at a specific date and
end at a specific date.


  1. Type: One time
  2. Start Date & Time
  3. End Date & Time

Watch this short video to learn more


The other option is to set the campaign in a Recurring schedule will set up a campaign to run in a loop.


  1. Define a start date and start time
  2. Mention the duration for which the campaign needs to run.
  3. Pause for specific time period before it re-starts again.Set it up to 0 days / 0 hours if you want to restart campaign immediately.
  4. Choose how campaign ends . There are 3 options
  5. The recurring campaign can never end .
  6. End after set recurrences. Set up number of recurrences
  7. End at a specific date.

Watch this short video to learn more

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