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Plugin #1: Finale Sales Countdown Timer & Discounts Plugin

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

The Most Powerful Urgency & Scarcity Tool For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

The Most Powerful Urgency & Scarcity Tool For WooCommerce

Finale is a must-have tool for setting up successful sales & promotions.

  • Set up store-wide sale or on hand-picked items
  • Display offer deadline using countdown timer
  • Set up an attractive Kickstarter-style counter bar to display real-time stock status
  • Put up sticky header/footer to inform shoppers about the on-going campaigns.
  • Curate the ongoing deals on a single page to help shoppers make faster decisions.

With 10000+ satisfied and active users, Finale is quickly becoming the must-have WooCommerce plugin.

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Plugin #2: NextMove Custom Thank You Pages

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

The Most Feature-Rich Custom Thank You Page Plugin

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

The Most Feature-Rich Custom Thank You Page Plugin

NextMove increases your same day average order value & social media visibility

  • Activate deadline-bound, personalized coupon code to encourage next sale
  • Display recently viewed items to remind shoppers what they’re leaving behind
  • Display social share box to build likes and fans on automation through Thank You Page
  • Inform them about the upcoming in-store promotion so that they revisit to shop

With 13000+ satisfied and active users, NextMove has raving fans who highly recommend the plugin.

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Plugin #3: XL WooCommerce Sales Triggers

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

Turn Your Product Pages into Powerhouse of Persuasion

WooCommerce Countdown Timer

Turn Your Product Pages into Powerhouse of Persuasion

Use 7 psychology-backed Sales Triggers on your product pages to build trust, create urgency and inspire action.

  • Display the items left in stock to induce scarcity
  • Display the potential savings to trigger loss aversion
  • Share the most recent sales activity to activate social proof
  • Give a bullet-proof guarantee to show your commitment
  • Highlight your store’s best selling items through a prominent ‘best seller’ badge

XL Sales Triggers make your product pages come alive and ring in more sales. It’s the best investment you can make to power up your product pages.

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One of our users, Adrian Mitrache installed Finale for a test promotion and got 15 extra sales in just 3 hours. He reported a 156% lift in conversion after activating the campaign.

Another user, Aimee Serafini felt Finale was a huge improvement over native WooCommerce functionality. She set her campaign to start at a set time and due to time zone differences got a lot of sales in the extra four hours. This couldn’t have been possible without Finale.

NextMove user, Fabio Tielen set up the plugin to unlock dynamic coupon code on the Thank You page. And increased his post-sale conversions by 19%!

This is just the tip of the iceberg! These are all tracked, reported and well-documented results. We can’t wait to hear yours!

Daman Jeet

"(Finale) helped me increase my sales in ONE DAY to $6000! Your Thank You page plugin is going to blow up my funnels into more sales!"

- a Raving XLPlugins user

"I am simply blown away by what your team and you do! The functionality of your plugins is so beneficial to online stores. It's unbelievable!"

- a Raving XLPlugins user

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1000s of WooCommerce Store owners from 42 countries have given us 139+ 5 Star Ratings

"I got a lot of sales in those extra four hours!"

I was very impressed with Finale. I used it for my Black Friday Sales and it was such an improvement over native WC functionality. For one I could set the sale end time to be something other than midnight my time zone. I’m in New York time zone but I have a lot of people shopping late on the West Coast so I set it for 1 AM PT. I got a lot of sales in those extra four hours.

…What impressed me the most is how easy it was to do everything and everything I wanted was right there. I am super picky on execution and notice everything, so I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy they made it to create your various deals.

I’m glad I used Finale for my holiday sales and will continue to use it for various things unrelated to my holiday sales.

-Aimee Serafini

Both these tools have been an excellent investment for me and have already paid off!

“Finale & Sales Triggers are everything you need to build buyer confidence and convert on-the-fence prospects into customers. All the features like countdown timers, best seller badge, recent sales, inventory scarcity, product savings in $ / %, and everything else makes them the plugins I always needed! But didn’t know they existed.
Both these tools have been an excellent investment for me and have already paid off my investment.
As far as the support is concerned, I feel there’s a team sitting stone’s throw away and I can reach out to them whenever I want. All my emails get responded to within a few hours! The best part? They are zealous about what they do – you can see it from the regular and proactive updates they push. You don’t even have to ask for it.”

-Justin Musiker

A game-changer!...One of the most effective sales-booster I’ve ever tried!

“Finale is a game changer. It’s one of the most effective sales-booster I’ve ever tried! It’s amazing how easy is to manage sales and display triggers that motivate customers to purchase more and come back to the store.
Different sets of conditions and types of rules lead to impressive results. The outcome is almost unbelievable!

Also the support is outstanding. Daman helped me with an additional compatibility patch to make Finale work with my current setup.
Thanks, Daman you did a great job!”

-Razvan Popescu

Blown away by all the possibilities of this tool

“Just bought Finale plugin and I’m blown away by the possibilities of this tool. It’s a Hurrify killer without the monthly fees! Of course the full unlimited version seems a bit expensive, but for me it’s worth it definitely. The settings are well thought of and quite deep. And just now, after I asked Daman for some support, I’m even more convinced that I have made the right choice. His support is just instantaneous, nice and clear like a crystal. Buy this tool today, just made my day ! I’m ready to convert like crazy with this. This is just the best tool for scarcity and urgency out there, trust me. I run multiple ecommerce stores and am glad I found out about Xlplugins.”

-Philippe Van Loo

Zero compatibility issues on my store. A must-have for yours.

Before installing the plugin, I was really worried that it may not be compatible with all the other plugins I have on my site. But I am so glad I took the plunge and installed. It had zero compatibility issues.

It gives you a lot of options and different settings even if you don’t know how to code. Perfect Usability, all the settings I was looking for — they built it already.

Perfectly and Professional support. I had ticketing with Mr. Daman about 8 times on Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase — He always replied to me within 30 minutes (The fastest one is within 5 minutes) with polite and kindly to support.

If you wan’t to Extend your WooCommerce and get more orders from your customers — This is MUST-HAVE plugin for your site. It’s totally WORTH buying this plugin.

Don’t believe me– TRY IT YOURSELF.”

-Thitiwat Chanwattana

Founder, Vobbies Inc

I was instantly convinced I need this product

The moment I landed on the Next Move page, I was instantly convinced I need this product. I had been searching ‘Custom WooCommerce Thank You pages’ for some time now. But could not find anything that came anywhere close to the functionalities of this product. I was of course aware that people can buy more items from my store once after they’ve bought. Next Move lets me put together custom Thank You pages based on different rules. I can show a specific Thank You page to my first-time buyers. They are still a captive audience on the Thank You page and that’s what everyone forgets.

-Stephane Vaillancourt

Mandatory for every serious e-commerce business

Hey Daman, just wanted to let u know that I finally purchased and installed NextMove, and wanted to say you guys have done an amazing job with that plugin. I love that you guys have followed the style of Shopify, which is a proven UX. I’m blown away by both Finale and NextMove, truly top notch plugins that should be mandatory for every serious e-commerce business using WordPress.

-Andrew Revesz

I have a feeling this is going to fly off your shelves

“Very pleased with this purchase!
One of those, that you know you have made a great find.
The plugin is an excellent concept which has been very well executed.
Some great features to enhance any WooCommerce stores conversion rate.
It’s obvious the plugin has been very well built & it’s very easy to set-up.
I can also confirm that the author team provides 1st Class support & it’s clear they have bags of knowledge & experience.
Provided a patch to small teething problem in super quick time.
I have a feeling this one’s going to fly off your shelves..
I’m very much looking forward to future developments with great interest.
Great job guys!”

-Michael Scott

Founder, ABC Prints

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