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Difference between Finale and Sales Triggers

We are asked this question quite often. “How is Sales Trigger Different From Finale?”. This article explains the difference between two plugins.

Quick Difference

Sales Trigger Finale
Basic Purpose Sales Trigger specialiases in single product conversion optimisation with various tools Finale specialises in creating urgency marketing campaigns on product page and across site
Major Features Savings, Deal Expiry , Guarantee, Low Stock , Smarter Reviews , Best Seller Badge & Sales Insight Campaigns (one time and recurring), Countdown Timer , Inventory Bar , Sticky Header/Footer , Time Sensitive ,Coupons , Bulk Discount , Events and Action
Countdown Timer Comparison in both plugins 1. To set up inside each product and set up a scheduled sale using native WooCommerce feature 2. Cannot start sale at a specific time (9:30 AM Monday) 3. No ability to auto restart the countdown after set interval 4. Counter associated with sale 5. Basic Skin 1. You can set up countdown timer from global settings 2. Ability to start sale at specific time to the accuracy of minutes 3.Ability to auto restart campaign after set time 4. Run Countdown independent of sales 5. Multiple Skins
Documentation Explore Sales Trigger Settings. See the documentation Explore Finale Settings .See the documentation

Why two separate plugins?

When we fist launched Sales Trigger , there was a Deal expiry trigger. Now the way it would work is that it would use native WooCommerce schedule feature to show counter. But the basic Sales scheduling feature of WooCommerce needed improvement :

1. One cannot automatically restart the sale
2. One cannot define specific time (Monday 9AM)
3. Process ran based of GMT time and not WordPress time
4. And other drawbacks

People would barely use this Deal Expiry Trigger because of amount of effort it took to restart the counters.

We understood the problem and came up with a full fledge urgency marketing tool which expanded on Deal expiry trigger to achieve different use cases.

Which one should you buy? Both 🙂

So it depends:

If you are looking to optimize your WooComemrce product page Sales Triggers is right choice for you.
If you are looking to run urgency marketing campaigns with countdown timers Finale is best for you

Hope this articles helps you clears any confusion.

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