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Events are a powerful feature and allow you to Adjust Regular Price, Discounts, Available Units and Sold Units while the campaign is running.

You can further trigger Events based on:

1) Number of units sold

2) Number of units left

3) Days & Hours Left

Note: If you set Events based 1) and 2) ensure that Inventory is turned ON, so that Finale can track units during a campaign.

Here are some use cases for the events

1. Bump Sale: Increase Regular Price Of Product on Every X sales

Explanation: Let’ say that start of campaign original price of product was 10. When you start the campaign and have no units sold, the price will be bumped to 15 since first Event is met. Now as 3 units were sold price would bump to 20 as next Event is met.When 6 units are sold price would bump to 25. So price gradually increases as each condition is met.

Note: The price increase by previous event is added to price increase.for next event.

2. Early Bird Discount: Decrease Discounts By Y% on Every X Sales. For Example: Decrease Discount by 10% on every 4 sales.

3. Time Sensitive Prices: Regular Prices Increase After Every Few Hours.

4. Time Sensitive Discounts: Increase Discounts by X% After Every Few Hours.

5. Inventory Bump Based on Units: Increase Inventory by X units when Y Unit is left for sale.

6. Inventory Bump Based on Time: Increase Inventory by X units when Y hrs is left for sale.

7.  Increase Number of Sold Units When Few Units Are Sold

Watch this short video to learn more

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