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Countdown Timer

  1. Enable this to show Countdown Timer on the Single Product.
  2. Select the position to display countdown timer on your WooCommerce product page
  3. Choose the Skin to Countdown Timer
  4. Background/ Border Color of the skin
  5. Colors for days/hours /minutes/seconds label
  6. Font Size of ticking timer
  7. Font Size of the label ( days/hours /minutes/seconds)
  8. Timer Labels for days/hrs/mins to be shown underneath numerals
  9. Display Text Area. It uses merge tag {{countdown_timer}} to display the countdown timer as per above configured settings. You can add your own custom text to display above or below the timer.
  10. Border Style: Leave it to None in case you don’t want any borders
  11. Border Width (px)
  12. Border Color
  13. You can delay showing of counting timer until few hours are left for the sale.Enable this option.
  14. And enter time left after which you want Countdown Timer to appear

Watch this short video to learn more

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