Need a refund? We can help. Please read the refund policy first.

If you’re facing a technical issue with the plugin, please consider raising a support ticket first.

Because most issues can be worked out without the refund is necessary – which is what keeps our refund rate to lower than 1%.

We hope that you understand that due to the nature of digital goods, the refund policy can be abused and hence we reserve the rights to refuse the refund if the policy is being abused.

Your case will qualify for a refund if it meets this condition:

You purchased the plugin less than 15 days ago and we could not resolve your query regarding a bug that you faced with our purchased plugin.

Your case will not qualify for a refund if it meets these conditions:

1. You no longer wish to use the plugin. You temporarily needed it but don’t need it anymore.

2. You reported an issue but do not wish to cooperate with us to help troubleshoot it.

3. You misunderstood what the product does. Through our landing page copy, we have explained everything in great detail, leaving no room for confusion.

4. The plugin works well but a third-party plugin causes an issue in its working. Technical issues caused by other plugins, add-ons, themes or snippets do not qualify as the right grounds for a refund.

If you qualify for the refund please submit your request.