Our Story

Coffee. Two Friends. One laptop. Wisetr Tech Consultancy was born.

That was us back in 2011.

15,200 hours, 473 projects and 121 Red Bull Cans later: 13 Rockstars. 13 Working Stations and brand spanking new work space.

As an agency serving clients, we worked with 92 businesses across the globe and custom coded several functionalities they needed. That’s when we realized many of those could be built and packaged into plug & play solutions available at scale.

Voila! XLPlugins was born.

We figured – There are more people across the globe that could save hours by simply downloading our plugins and using them. People like you.

You may be a time-strapped, small store owner or an agency owner or a developer.

Why should you reinvent the wheel?

Especially when that reinvention costs time and money. All our plugins solve problems that you may be facing just now. They are built to help you boost conversions.

Our team of expert developers spent hours custom coding those functionalities so that you can download them in a snap of fingers and start using them.

This team has collectively pulled off some of the most complex projects in the WordPress ecosystem:

We have developed WooCommerce Plugins for SAAS companies such as Payhip.com, Pixi.eu and Stamped.io, integrated Amazon Cloudsearch with Woocommerce.

Today our products are used by 10,000 WooCommerce store owners to increase their sales. 

Our Belief

We believe in the power of innovation and advancement, not competition. Every new product we create must teach us to challenge our limits more than the previous one did.

It must solve bigger problems than the previous one did. It must reach to more people than the last one did.

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