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Counter Bar

To show counter bar Finale Inventory Should be turned ON.

  1. Enable this to show Countdown Bar on the single product. Note counter bar is only shown when Inventory Goal is set up in Deals
  2. Select the position to display Counter Bar on your WooCommerce product page
  3. Choose the Skin to Counter Bar
  4. Edges of counter bar can be set to Rounded, Smooth or Sharp
  5. Background Color of the counter bar
  6. When counter increases the bar increases.Set the color of the counter bar.
  7. Height of the counter bar
  8. Display Text Area. It uses merge tag {{counter_bar}} to display the countdown timer as per above-configured settings.You can add your own custom text to display above or below the timer.
    • {{total_units}}
      Outputs total quantity to be sold during the campaign. Example, Total Units: 10
    • {{sold_units}}
      Outputs total quantity sold during the campaign. Example, Currently Sold: 5
    • {{total_units_price}}
      Outputs total price value of total quantity to be sold during campaign. Example, Total Funds To Be Raised: $100
    • {{sold_units_price}}
      Outputs price value of quantity sold during the campaign.Example, Funds To Raised Till Now: $50
    • {{sold_percentage}}
      Outputs percentage of quantity sold during the campaign. Example, Campaign Goal: 51% achieved
    • {{remaining_percentage}}
      Outputs percentage of remaining quantity left during the campaign. Campaign Goal: 49% left
  9. Border Style: Leave it to None in case you don’t want any borders
  10. Border Width (px)
  11. Border Color
  12. You can delay showing of counter bar till few sales are enabled.Enable this option.
  13. And enter number of sales after which you want Countdown Timer to appear

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