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Show Product Recommendations to Encourage Them to Buy More

Show Product Recommendations to Encourage Them to Buy More

When done offline, product recommendations may come across as pushy. But online, they’re helpful and appreciated.

You can now display ‘recently viewed’ and ‘custom’ items in recommendations. Recently viewed encourage buyers to revisit the items they liked. Custom items are those that you think they’ll like.

Set up Social Bribe to Offer Discount In Exchange of a Share

Set up Social Bribe to Offer Discount In Exchange of a Share

People are lazy. They love to procrastinate. Ask them to share and they’ll pass up. But you want them to talk about your store and share on social. Because their friends may buy too.

So give them a bait they can’t refuse. A discount coupon code gets revealed when they share on social.

Unlock a Personalized Time-Bound Coupon Code

Unlock a Personalized Time-Bound Coupon Code

While browsing your site, your buyers may have come across products they liked but didn’t buy.

NextMove reveals a personalized coupon with the buyer’s name as the code to make them want to buy. A personalized coupon taps into people’s need for exclusivity. Set an expiry time to it to ensure they redeem it and don’t sleep on it.

Make a Personal Connection Through a Video

Make a Personal Connection Through a Video

Videos are tools of persuasion. They can completely transform the relationship you share with your customers. The best part? They can help you build a brand your buyers vouch for and ditch your competition for!

Deliver a warm thank you message through an awesome video and build goodwill, starting today.

Encourage Your Buyers to Keep Up With You on Social

Encourage Your Buyers to Keep Up With You on Social

Build a solid social presence by turning your buyers into your followers. Every time you have a new announcement to make you won’t have to work hard to get the word to them.

NextMove allows you to display compelling messages along with like and follow options for all the social media channels.

Seize More Sales with Upsell & Cross Sell Recommendations

Seize More Sales with Upsell & Cross Sell Recommendations

Your buyers want you to help them make decisions. Show them what else they can buy from your store on the Thank You Page.

Remember, they’re still in buying momentum. Direct them to the relevant products based on their recent purchase. These real-time recommendations go a long way in getting you repeat orders.

Get Buyers To Share Their Order with Friends

Get Buyers To Share Their Order with Friends

If someone just bought from you, it means they felt safe in your store. They trusted you with their money and will be happy to let their friends know about you.

All you’ve to do is persuade them with the right message to share! NextMove places social shares front and center so that your buyers don’t miss them.


17 Power-Packed Components Inspire Your Buyers To Take
Their Next Move

This Drab Thank You Page Is A Dead End

This Persuasive Thank Your Page Hacks Your Growth 

Did You Notice Something?

These power-packed building blocks have turned a drab Thank You Page into one which is ready to get you repeat orders on autopilot. All it took is minutes & zero design sense to put it together..

The best part? These are not all the components. This was just a small sample of what’s inside NextMove.

17 Awesome components to get you more sales: Location Map, Customer Details, Related Products, Specific Products, Dynamic Coupons, Simple Text, HTML, Image Text, Video, Crossells, Order Details, Recently Viewed, Social Share, Join Us, Smart Bribe, Upsells, Order Confirmation.

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4 Zippy Steps to Building Drop Dead Gorgeous Thank You Pages without a Hiring Designer

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Even if you're only getting a handful of orders each month.

Imagine. You wake up to this message:
'You got a new sale!'

Brimming with excitement, you rub your eyes. Minutes later, there’s another order from the same person. Turns out she used a coupon code on the Thank You Page to buy more.

She has already shared your products on social. And the day has only just begun! Your new Thank You Pages made by NextMove are already ringing in more sales.

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Support is amazing!

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Get this plugin. It’s awesome! Well thought out, great features, nice design. And the support is better than anyone else I have come across. They went way above and beyond to resolve a problem, and the issue was not even with their plug-in! I am going to be buying the next plugin these guys release, even if I don’t need it!


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I have a feeling this one’s going to fly off your shelves..
I’m very much looking forward to future developments with great interest.
Great job guys!”

-Michael Scott

Founder, ABC Prints

“Very useful and powerful plugin with cool design. Daman, from support team didn’t hesitate to spend some time to explain me how to configure it. They went above and beyond to step by step guide me on how to show timer and countdown on category pages.

Thank you very much!”

-Nicolas Plichart

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