NextMove Updates : Success Story, Push-ups , Feedbacks and New Version 1.0.4 Launch

Thank you for placing your trust in NextMove.

Our Goal is not just to beautify WooCommerce order confirmation page but also make conversion focused to bring in repeat purchases.

We’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback about the plugin and how it’s helping you. The insights are absolutely gold for us, keep them coming!

One of our customers, Fabio recently told us that he was able to increase his conversion rate by an amazing 19%. This means he’s now able to sell to the same customers after the initial purchase is made.

I was so pumped on hearing this that I did 20 pushups…lol its true 😀

Fabio used “Smart Bribe” to drive conversions.

We have a video up which elaborates this process in detail. Do check out this video in the article.

We’re constantly making the product better and proactively pushing updates. The latest version of NextMove is out now.

You can upgrade yourself to NextMove 1.0.4.

Here’s what else you can do with it now:

#1. Ability to Share Custom URL in Smart Bribe

Previously smart bribe would only let user share the product URL and unlock a coupon code.

One of our customers Timothy Miller came up with an interesting use case. Once user bought the product he wanted user to share a link to his information course.

Which makes sense because once you have bought the product, you are encouraging user to the share why not share the page which needs awareness.

So in newest version, we have given feature to do custom URL share.

Encourage them to share link to your course, promotional offer page, blog post or anything else not just the product user just ordered

#2. eCommerce Tracking

We have integrated Facebook and Google eCommerce tracking.

For Facebook you can fire purchase events and for Google you can send eCommerce purchase data.

Just enter the appropriate keys and that’s it! eCommerce tracking will began to work out of box.

You can also add your custom scripts on WooCommerce Thank You Page 

#3. Better Organisation of Setting Page

Some of you gave an idea to make settings page more user friendly.

We have listened.

Now each setting is organised under a seperate section clearly laying out its need.

#4. Theme Compatibility

Minor CSS fixes have been done for users of theme Electro, Basel, Hcode.

#5. Small Fixes and Improvement

Some small fixes and improvements have been done.

Full changelog is here.

We encourage users to upgrade yourself to Version 1.0.4.

And yes we are always listening.

If you have results, testimonial, feedback, suggestions to share with us, please get in touch.

We may have a nice, little gift to offer in return. 😉

Thank you once again. Wishing you many more sale 😀

Published by Daman Jeet Singh