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Counter Bar Doesn’t Show Due to Mismatch of Quantity Settings

This guide was prepared while troubleshooting a support ticket. All the settings as shown as it is.

One of the reasons why Counter Bar would not be shown is because of mismatch of Inventory set in Advance settings and one that is actually present in the product.

This troubleshooting guide illustrates the problem and provides a way to fix it.

Understanding the Problem

Finale Campaign was set up on this product. Inventory was set up. And Counter Bar was turned ON.

But still counter bar didn’t show. As you can see  Counter Bar does not appear.

Investigating the Campaign and Product Settings

We went inside the admin panel and started observing the settings this is what we found:

1. Campaign Settings: When we checked Inventory settings this is how it was set up. Advance Settings were used

This setting means that for Products that have Total Quantity:
Between 0 to 10 , Custom Quantity during campaign is 6.
Between 10 to 15 , Custom Quantity during campaign is 12.
So on….

Note: In case of variable products,’Total Quantity’ is sum total of stock quantity of all variations.

2. Product Settings: When we navigated to the product and checked in the inventory set the Total Quantity came out to be in 1277 (=448+424+405)

Finding the Problem

Clearly campaigns settings for set for products where Total Quantity was in 0 (min) to 25 (max).BUT the product had actual quantity 1227. So quantity numbers in Advance settings were not in range  and custom inventory wasn’t set.

Resolving the Problem

We added a new range to say when Total Quantity is 1200 to 1300 show quantity 25 for this campaign

Immediately after setting it up Counter Bar Began to come up.


Ensure that you have basic idea of quantity of the products when you are trying to set up Custom Stock Quantity. This will give you idea on number that need to be set up Ranges and avoid mismatches.

If you made it till the end, congratulations 🙂

We hope this will provide better understanding of how Inventory settings work and get more out of Finale.

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