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Specific Products

Component Frontend View

1. Heading: Enter any heading. Customize font size and text alignment too.
2. Description: Enter any text here. Alignment option available here.
3. Choose Products: Here you can choose specific products which you want to display. Choose any number of products, all will gets displayed.
4. Layout: Plugin has 3 layouts `Grid (advanced)`, `Grid (theme)` & `List`.
Grid (advanced) – It has a nice design with option to choose grid column size.
Grid (theme) – This is theme native grid design.
List – This is again a nice & simple design. Select to view the final output.
5. Display Rating: Here if you want to display rating, choose option ‘yes’
6. Border: You can add any border style, manage width or color. Or if you want to disable the border, choose border style option ‘none’.

Component Backend Settings View

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