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Dynamic Coupons

Component Frontend View

1. Select Coupon: User have to select a coupon to inherit all settings of it if choose personalize option or display selected coupon code.
2. Heading: Enter any heading. Customize font size and text alignment too.
3. Description: Enter any text here. Alignment option available here.
4. Coupon Code: Here you can modify the font size and text/ background color of coupon code.
5. Button: Here you can enter button text, link and some css properties like font size, text color and background color.
6. Personalize Coupon: Here you can Personalize the coupon. Append user or order related value in coupon like first name or order id etc. You can also set expiry of coupon if want.
7. Display Coupon: Plugin has two options ‘Immediate’ or ‘Click on Button’.
Immediate – Here coupon will gets display immediately.
Click on Button – Here coupon gets displayed after user action i.e. button click. Choose this option to see further settings.
8. Border: You can add any border style, manage width or color. Or if you want to disable the border, choose border style option ‘none’.

Component Backend Settings View

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