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NextMove PowerPack add-on extends NextMove beautifully. It has many great features listed below:

1) It adds components visibility based on order status.
So you can show or hide each component on selected order statuses.
That means one thank you page but with multiple conditional components based on order status.

2) It adds a new component “Order Timeline” which can be used to display the timeline of your order i.e. when it was created when its status changed, customer notes.

3) You can set up to send the generated coupon on thank you page in the WooCommerce customer emails.

4) You can also send thank you page URL in the email.
A live preview feature is also available there, so you can check how it will look in the email.

Order emails have a high 30-40% open rate which is higher than any promotional email.

So you can use Next Move to reveal a coupon code on the thank you page, start the conversation there and then follow up with them in the order email.

Refer to this blog post to get ideas on why to append coupon code in order emails. It’ll help you get a sense of the conversion prowess of the power- pack add on.
Link: https://xlplugins.com/woocommerce-order-emails/

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