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Getting Started

Thank You for purchasing NextMove: WooCommerce Thank You Pages.

NextMove was built to convert traditional WooCommerce Thank Pages into the profit pulling pages so that they prepare the user for the next purchase.

Previously, you had no option in native WooCommerce to do changes to your store’s Thank You pages. If you wanted to add even a single line of text, you would either need coding chops.Or search for the internet to find right snippets and do code wrangling to make them work.

It was tedious, exhausting and impractical (given the limited time and resources) to deploy different elements on the WooCommerce Thank You page.

NextMove solves this problem.

NextMove not only beautifies existing thank you pages but allows you to deploy 17 different components:

Location Map, Customer Details, Related Products, Specific Products, Dynamic Coupons, Simple Text, HTML, Image Text, Video, Crossells, Order Details, Recently Viewed, Social Share, Join Us, Smart Bribe, Upsells, Order Confirmation.

And so much more.

We are confident that your store would reap in full benefits once you get familiar with the interface and configure NextMove.

This section will guide you through installation, activation and provide the overview of settings.

Learn About Settings

Please follow sections step by step to get familiar with installation & activation processes.

How-To Install?

1. Download file ” thank-you-page-for-woocommerce-nextmove-v1.x.x.zip” from your dashboard
2. Go to: Plugins > Add New
3. Select ‘Upload Plugins’
4. ‘Choose File’ to select the downloaded file in Step 1
5. Install Now
6. Activate the Plugin

Note: If you had previously installed LITE version of the plugin, please delete it. Deleting LITE version wont delete your existing Thank You Pages.

Plugin Activation

When the plugin is activated, one sample Thank You page is pre-configured under XLPugins > NextMove.

By default, pre-configured Thank You Pages are inactive, and you can activate them.

You can modify existing page or add new pages based on your requirements.

Activate License

Why Activate License?

When you activate license you receive:

1. Automatic Plugin Updates
2. New Features
3. Security Upgrades
4. Bug Fixes
5. Important Product Notifications

How to Activate License?

1. You get the License Key in your email after purchasing the product.
2. Go to your site’s WordPress admin dashboard. Open XLPlugins > Licenses page.
3. Enter Your License Key against a product.
4. Press Activate License button.

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