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Page Priority

What is Page Priority?

Page priority features come into play when multiple Thank You pages are set.

You may configure multiple Thank You Pages in a way that Rules of multiple pages are satisfied when an order is placed.

In this scenario, Page Priority is a way to determine which thank you page will show in case two (or more) pages satisfy the Rules for a given Order.

Detailed Example

Lets say you have set up two Thank You Pages:

A: Thank You Page A with priority 1 has Rule: Product is Woo Ninja (where this product belongs to category Shirt).

B: Thank You Page B with priority 2 has Rule: Product Category is Shirt.

When user purchases Woo Ninja, both Rules are satisfied.

Which page would show up?

The page with higher priority will show up. Since Page A has higher priority (i.e. 1) it will show up.

Note: Priority works in ascending order.Lower the number higher the priority.

How to Change Page Priority?

Page Priority can be edited from Rules (Edit) screen.

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