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In Version > 2.0, shortcodes have been introduced.It will allow you to place these triggers anywhere in theme and render output.Each trigger has its shortcode, and this can be found on single trigger screen:


Smarter Reviews



Best Seller






Low Stock



Deal Expiry



Sales Activities





Each shortcode accepts following optional parameters:

  • trigger_ids
    To show the output of specific trigger. (optional)
  • product_id
    To show the output of specific product_id. (optional)
  • variation_id
    To show the output of specific variation ( used for variable products). (optional)



1. Will find all the matching deal expiry triggers and generate output.


2. Will execute deal expiry specific trigger id 2233 and generate output

[wcst_deal_expiry trigger_ids="2233"]

3. Will execute specific deal expiry trigger with id 2233 for product with id 482 and generate output

[wcst_deal_expiry trigger_ids="2233" product_id="482"]

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