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Getting Started

Thank You for purchasing WooCommerce Sales Trigger. These triggers have been built to increase your WooCommerce store’s conversion rates.

We are confident that your store would reap in full benefits once you get familiar with the interface and configure these triggers.

This section will guide you through installation, activation and provide the overview of settings.
Please follow sections step by step to get familiar with installation & activation processes.

How To Install

  1. Download file “xl-woocommerce-sales-triggers.zip” from your dashboard
  2. Go to: Plugins > Add New
  3. Select ‘Upload Plugins’
  4. ‘Choose File’ to select the downloaded file in Step 1
  5. Install Now
  6. Activate the Plugin

Activate License

Why Activate License

  1. To receive new security updates and bug fixes
  2. To receive new triggers
  3. To get support for the plugin through our helpdesk

How to Activate License

  1. Visit license activation page “https://xlplugins.com/manage-licenses/.”
  2. Login to Authenticate with Envato.
  3. Select Item Purchased & Generate License Key.
  4. Go to your site’s WordPress admin dashboard.Open XLPlugins > Licenses page.
  5. Enter Your License Key.
  6. Activate License.


Plugin Overview

XL WooCommerce Sales Trigger has seven Trigger Types which can be applied to product pages:

  1. Deal Expiry
  2. Low Stock
  3. Savings
  4. Sales Activities
  5. Guarantee
  6. Smarter Reviews
  7. Best Sellers

The plugin has a simple Rule Builder which allows the content of Trigger Types to be displayed when defined conditions are met.

Use these Trigger Types and Rules to create unlimited Triggers.

Settings Overview

  1. When the plugin is activated, sample triggers are set-up under WooCommerce>Settings>XL Sales Triggers.
  2. Nine triggers are pre-configured to give you an overview of different trigger types.
  3. By default, pre-configured triggers are in inactive, and you can activate them to see results on single product pages.
  4. You can modify existing triggers or add new triggers based on your requirements.
  5. Additionally, you can override global configurations at the product level.

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