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Change Log

Jan 04, 2023 - Version 2.12.0
  • Compatible upto WordPress 6.1.0
  • Compatible upto WooCommerce 7.2.0
  • Improved: CMB2 package updated. (fix/58)
  • Fixed: Compatibility updated with Nitro theme. (fix/48)
  • Fixed: Dismiss update notice code improved. (fix/50)
  • Fixed: One notice was coming, corrected. (fix/54)
May 19, 2021 - Version 2.11.0
  • Compatible upto WordPress 5.7.2
  • Compatible upto WooCommerce 5.4
  • Added: Allow lottery, smart bundle & auction post type products to show triggers. (fix/4, fix/24, fix/37)
  • Added: Compatibility added with WPML and polylang plugin, allowing settings per language. (fix/33)
  • Added: Sales Snippet trigger: Added a new option to show buyer from the country only. (fix/5)
  • Improved: Delivery date merge tag: Considering working days rather than normal days, code updated. (fix/17)
  • Improved: Low stock trigger: When backorder is enabled and the stock went negative, was displaying the low stock message, fixed. (fix/20)
  • Improved: Compatibility updated with shopkeeper theme. (fix/25)
  • Fixed: Smarter review trigger: user's data is not changing, fixed. (fix/13)
  • Fixed: JS conflict with theplus elementor addon plugin, fixed. (fix/8)
  • Fixed: Exclude dates and days merge tag: If same day or date passed for exclusion, wasn't working, fixed. (fix/42)
  • Fixed: Unable to dismiss the admin notice, fixed. (fix/7)
November 14, 2019 - Version 2.10.0
  • Added: Compatible with WordPress 5.3
  • Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.8
  • Fixed: Incorrect saving amount displayed in case of taxes enabled, resolved now.
  • Fixed: Stock quantity merge tag displaying "null" if manage stock not enabled, resolved now.
  • Fixed: Incorrect page id fetched in WPML in some cases, resolved now.
  • Fixed: Dynamic numbers trigger not available while creating data, resolved now.
  • Fixed: WP CLI: Warning when tries to activate resolved.
May 29, 2019 - Version 2.9.3
  • Improved: Savings trigger: Sometimes merge tags are not decodable on iOS.
  • WooCommerce tested upto 3.6.5 and WordPress tested upto 5.2.1.
April 8, 2019 - Version 2.9.2
  • Fixed: Dynamic number trigger some description text was appearing when other triggers are active, fixed.
  • Fixed: Dynamic number trigger when overridden locally on a product level, wasn't displaying, fixed.
April 4, 2019 - Version 2.9.1
  • Fixed: Conflict with WC shipment tracking plugin over a method 'wcst_init', renamed the method.
  • Fixed: Dynamic number trigger shortcode wasn't working, fixed.
March 31, 2019 - Version 2.9.0
  • Added: Dynamic Number: New trigger introduced.
  • Added: Low Stock: Backorder text setting added.
  • Improved: Low Stock: Blank values allowed to save in settings.
  • Fixed: Static Badge: Shortcode wasn't working, fixed now.
December 20, 2018 - Version 2.8.0
  • Added: Option to hide single product page triggers settings.
  • Added: Exclude days and dates functionality added in current_date and current_day merge tags.
  • Added: Composite product compatibility added.
  • Added: Low stock compatibility with yith pre order plugin added.
  • Added: Product custom taxonomies called in Rules.
  • Improved: Product meta calls cached to improve performance.
  • Improved: Optimized license check call.
  • Fixed: PHP error if product selected in rules get deleted, fixed now.
  • Fixed: Triggers not displaying on the front end when activated from single edit trigger page, fixed now.
June 28, 2018 - Version 2.7.0
  • Security update: Prohibited direct access.
  • Added: Compatibility with new WPML version for depreciated functions.
  • Added: New badge style under best sellers and static badge.
  • Added: Compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin when a primary category is deleted.
  • Added: htaccess file to block access in supportive xl folders inside uploads.
  • Improved: Rules section UI.
June 05, 2018 - Version 2.6.0
  • Added: A new trigger 'Static badge' introduced.
  • Added: Compatible with Yoast plugin primary category for Best Seller Badge & Static Badge
  • Added: Sales Snippet trigger - Added an option for output display.
  • Added: Savings trigger - New option, Hide decimals in saving percentage.
  • Added: Trigger duplicate feature.
  • Added: Global setting for Order status selection for Sales snippet & count triggers.
  • Fixed: Removed all occurrences of 'wp_cache_flush' and managed caching proper.
April 02, 2018 - Version 2.5.1
  • Added: 'data-trigger-id' attribute added to each trigger parent div element.
  • Added: Force plugin transient removal and optin reset options added in xlplugins -> tools.
  • Added: Admin notification when plugin update is available.
March 22, 2018 - Version 2.5.0
  • Added: WPML support for Sales trigger Transients.
  • Added: New rule 'Product Tags'.
  • Added: New field 'Heading Text Color' in Guarantee Trigger.
  • Added: New field 'Heading Color' in Guarantee Trigger.
  • Added: Logging errors in case site faced any PHP Error.
  • Improved: Savings trigger HTML to consider WooCommerce native decimal separator settings while showing savings percentage.
  • Fixed: Transients were not getting cleared on deletion of a trigger.
March 1, 2018 - Version 2.4.1
  • Fixed: Dynamic CSS for all the triggers were not setting up, resulting in default settings for color and font to apply.
February 28, 2018 - Version 2.4.0
  • Fixed: When multiple triggers of same type then priorities are not working, fixed now.
  • Improved: is_array like conditions added to handle warnings in PHP7.
  • Added: meta no-index for WCCT Campaign post type for search engines.
  • Improved: Sales Triggers rules parsing performance improved.
  • Improved: WordPress File System API used to store Sales Triggers query in files.
  • Added: 'On Backorder' stock status added in rules.
  • Added: Flushing object cache when Saled Triggers modified.
  • Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.3, 3.3.1, 3.3.2 and 3.3.3
  • Added: Compatible with Astra theme.
  • Fixed: Porto theme modified their price calling code, Finale compatibility updated.
December 27, 2017 - Version 2.3.0
  • Added: Compatible with Tucson & Techmarket theme
  • Improved: Latest CMB2 version 2.3.0 added
  • Added: PHP 7.2 compatible
  • Fixed: Savings trigger: For variations, savings data appended just below variation price. Duplication fixed for Avada case.
  • Fixed: Savings trigger: 'Hide top variation price' default value is set to 'yes'
December 15, 2017 - Version 2.2.8
  • Added: Compatibility with yith product bundles addon
  • Added: Compatible with WordPress 4.9 version
  • Added: Compatible with Boxshop theme
  • Added: Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.5 version
  • Improved: XL core updated to 3.4
  • Fixed: Guarantee trigger countdown timer merge tag was not ticking from the last update.
  • Fixed: Shopkeeper theme compatibility code modified for latest version.
  • Added: Tools Export functionality added for quick debugging.
  • Added: Transients clear feature added on Settings page.
October 30, 2017 - Version 2.2.7
  • Added: Themes (Oceanwp, Basel, Enfold, Porto, Revo, Aurum, Savoy, Sober, TheGem) support added for single product page positions.
  • Improved: Some themes force font family on i tag, so guarantee trigger icons disappeared, now fixed.
  • Fixed: Low Stock trigger has issue in variable product when backorder is false, now corrected.
  • Improved: Reduce number of requests on frontend. Minified and Combined public css and js files.
  • Fixed: Deal expiry trigger has a time mismatch conflict, now fixed.
  • Fixed: Low Stock trigger has issue in variable product when backorder is false, now corrected.
October 26, 2017 - Version 2.2.6
  • Fixed: Issue with the timings: Guarantee trigger merge tags and rules for date & time was not working fine as they consider UTC 0 timings to decode merge tags, used WordPress blog's time instead.
  • Improvement: Low stock trigger to work with variations that have backorder enabled, pushing assurance mode to work on this scenario.
  • Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles Add-On for all the triggers.
October 24, 2017 - Version 2.2.5
  • Fixed: 'From' text wasn't translatable globally.
  • Added: Guarantee trigger box alignment field added. Options: left, right & center.
  • Improved: Custom Ajax fired to get current server UTC0 time for better performance.
  • Improved: Ajax to get current UTC time placed over window after load to not include it in waterfall.
  • Improved: Do not fire reset UTC time request on pages where we do not have any deal expiry triggers.
October 1, 2017 - Version 2.2.4
  • Fixed: WordPress native transient function replaced with custom transient function. Issue occurred with cache plugins.
September 28, 2017 - Version 2.2.3
  • Fixed: admin-ajax url calling from woocommerce_params variable. sometimes that variable didn't initialize, now corrected.
September 27, 2017 - Version 2.2.2
  • Added: Not now and No thanks option in Notices.
  • Modified: Sidebar links modified.
  • Modified: Plugin updation array key length issue fixed.
September 16, 2017 - Version 2.2.1
  • Fixed: JS Error, Caused by the last update 2.2, handling for "setting" key in localized data was missing.
  • Improved: CMB2 Tabs localized completely for wcst, it will prevent conflict.
September 15, 2017 - Version 2.2
  • Improved: Deal Expiry trigger output & Date Cutoff time left merge tag's output will now get refreshed on the client side, using ajax. This will prevent caching issues with deal expiry
  • Fixed: Issue with caching add-ons while using get_transients, returning previously saved data regardless of timeout. Logic replaced by removing all the transients for the item just after order completed.
September 5, 2017 - Version 2.1.5
  • Added: WPML Compatibility with global settings
  • Fixed: "Chosen" JS conflict on single campaign edit page
August 28, 2017 - Version 2.1.4
  • Added: Compatibility with following themes: Betheme, Eva, Merchandiser & Oxygen.
  • Added: Sorting functionality on Guarantee trigger to sort guarantees.
  • Improved: JS and Css files minified to avoid conflicts with caching plugins.
  • Fixed: Updater class modified to sustain request result with better caching.
  • Improved: Added option in savings to hide top savings range for variations.
July 14, 2017 - Version 2.1.3
  • Fixed: Deal expiry trigger timer, Merge tag timer for admin-end and front-end handling with local user browser time.
  • Fixed: Removed default settings updation code on plugin activation.
  • Fixed: Guarantee trigger: handled line breaks.
  • Added: Wowmall theme support added.
  • Added: Filter hook to modify woocommerce order states for Best Seller trigger.
July 11, 2017 - Version 2.1.2
  • Fixed: Price Formatting issue in savings trigger's variation HTML
July 10, 2017 - Version 2.1.1
  • Added: Filter hook to modify WooCommerce order states for Sales Activity both triggers.
  • Fixed: Savings trigger for variation, handling in a case when difference is 0.
  • Added: New Filter `wcst_get_wc_states` to modify order states to check in sales activity triggers.
  • Fixed: Usage of php date_default_timezone_set completely replaced with get_time_time.
  • Fixed: Savings Trigger: Fix to variation when price is zero.
  • Fixed: Savings trigger support with Finale, to show well discounted range applied by finale.
  • Added: New Setting area as global settings to replace all the hard text used in plugin for front end.
  • Fixed: Handling and support for Caching plugins, hard flush cache on saving of the post.
  • Added: Compatibility with Famous WooCommerce themes like: Flatsome, Electro, Hcode, Denso, Accessories Shop, XStore, Claue, THE-7, Uncode, ShopKeeper & Float.
  • New Rule for Product Stock added.
  • Fixed: Low Stock trigger when back-order is allowed for the product will show "In Stock" from now on.
May 31, 2017 - Version 2.1.0
  • Fixed: Admin Tab Css conflict with divi theme
  • Update: Xl core updated to the recent version.
May 25, 2017 - Version 2.0.9
  • Fixed: Critical Bug: Class 'WCST_Product' not found, throwing php error and breaking the sites.
May 19, 2017 - Version 2.0.8
  • Fixed: Resolved Issue with activation, handling when activation failed previously
  • Added: Filter Hooks at inside trigger modals to modify data before and after data extraction.
  • Added: filtered sales activities hooks before data extraction to show static text when no merge tag given in the content. using filters.
  • Fixed: Modified WCST_Product classname to `XL_WCST_Product` to save it from conflict with plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-shipping-tracking/11363158
  • Fixed: ShortCode callback throwing fatal error on false product id, fixed it by proper algo to find which product to load and handling.
  • Added: New shortcode attribute `skip_rules` (default: no) , to skip rules execution if you want to print them right away and avoild rules matching.
  • Added: Filter `wcst_modify_rules` to apply_custom_rules in runtime.
  • Fixed: CSS Fix for the best seller badge , misalignment issue.
  • Fixed: XL Core updated to 2.0.0
Apr 22, 2017 - Version 2.0.7
  • Fixed: Added 3rd param in all update_options with value 'false'.
  • Fixed: Handling in js in case no trigger is active.
  • Fixed: date replaced with date_i18n for Deal expiry trigger.
Apr 14, 2017 - Version 2.0.6
  • Fixed: CMB2 conditional script enqueueing issue: Condition modified for the site pages.
  • Added: Plugin update transients removal query arg added.
  • Fixed: Guarantee-trigger-help-popup content was printing over each page on the backend, creating issues with Js builders powered by angular due to curly phrases.
  • Added: New Filter inside best seller badge added to show hard text and by-pass PHP and database operations.
  • Added: best seller List: Condition to prevent rendering when there exist no supported merge tags.
  • Fixed: Removed `date_default_timezone_set` from the entire plugin and used 'dateTime object' against it, it prevents bugs that could have been occurred because we were setting timezone of the server.
  • Added: Meta `generator` tag added.
  • Added: Added wcst version and WC version inside localized data to power better debugging.
  • Fixed: Guarantee trigger on post meta CMB2 fields as well.
  • Fixed: shortcode support added for out of stock text.
  • Fixed: Review trigger, PHP closing tag was left in CSS rendering function, making browsers unable to apply CSS.
  • Fixed: Meta query for the shortcode function modified to not pass the query for show_on param, making it possible to work when all three locations are turned off for the trigger still shortcode executes without "trigger_ids" arg in the shortcode.
Apr 7, 2017 - Version 2.0.5
  • Fixed: CMB2 conditional script wasn't yet fully compatible with the tabs JS, Needed localizations.
  • Fixed: wc_timezone_string function get replaced by the code from WC2.6.14.
  • Fixed: transients ttl conflict, preventing sales activities to reset transients on thank you order event
  • Fixed: Better conditions when loading assets for the admin layer.
  • Fixed: Low stock Js, compatibility with WC3.0
  • Fixed: Shortcode in variations, handled when wrong variation ID
  • Fixed: Shortcode in products, handled when wrong product ID
  • Fixed: Improvements in Guarantee help box
Apr 4, 2017 - Version 2.0.4
  • Removed: session handling and header handling
  • Renamed core file
  • Fixed: Rule builder js issue, slug conflict
  • Fixed: Removed XL promotions inclusions for the current version
  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility "id" access replaced with get_id();
  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility "get_child" replaced with WCST_Product::get_instance($variation_ID)
  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility "woocommerce_stock_html" hook start having 2 args.
  • Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility "product_type" replaced with get_type()
  • Fixed: Issue in rule builder UI, blocking selection for the rule type until stacked ajax call response comes back.
  • Added: XL Promotions Added in XL Core.
Mar 30, 2017 - Version 2.0.3
  • Added: WPML Support for WCST Triggers: Only selected Language Dependent trigger will appear instead of all languages on a single product
  • Fixed: Days left issue in guarantee cut_off_time merge tags.
  • Fixed: email dynamic in support forms.
  • Fixed: XL core updated with the changes like new filters and corrections.
  • Added: New Guarantee merge tag {{today}}
  • Added: New Guarantee merge tag attribute for current_date and current_day
  • Added: Guarantee trigger modifications added in HTML for better examples.
  • Fixed: Switch field For CMB2 was not rendering on product-edit
  • Fixed: CMB2 conditionals and CMB2 switch handling and support with wcct plugin.
  • Added: Better UI rules meta boxes.
  • Removed Session code: Placed to handle one view on the same page.
  • Fixed: Stripped Whitespace with html classes on rendering
Mar 23, 2017 - Version 2.0.2
  • Fixed: guarantee help text pop up css issue.
  • Fixed: best seller badge text styling issue.
  • Fixed: End Date Label fixed.
  • Fixed: CSS for cart page: Corrected best seller category alignment issue On Xstore, Savoy and Basel
  • Fixed: CSS: Styling of cart page and Label styling of support form
  • Fixed: JS issue in conditional fields
  • Fixed: Default format for time_left_countdown merge tags
  • Fixed: Flatsome theme and reviews html. Fixed css for flatsome.
  • Fixed: {{regular_price}} && {{sale_price}} merge tag to be printed with span for variations as well.
  • Fixed: on trigger deactivation hold rules meta data
  • Fixed: rule builder wasn't working, fixing calling
  • Added: ThickBox help for the guarantee trigger new merge tags
  • Fixed: hook for count slug not working
  • Added: New hook to choose what html pattern for best sellers list.
  • Added: New optional DIVs structure for Best sellers List
  • Fixed: Undefined variable on js for hard text conversion.
  • Added: apply_filter to modify ttl for transients for deal_expiry
  • Added: page on classes to write css for specific call
  • Fixed: Xl-support class file moved from admin to includes to be called and accessed publicly.
  • Fixed: Best seller list: hyperlink category is not working over grid and cart pages.
  • Added: Single product position to be printed with visibility column in listing in admin.
  • Fixed: Sale snippet transient condition was misplaced.
  • Fixed: Removed native WooCommerce class in smarter reviews and added custom css to the hyperlink instead, written a custom click handler for that class.
  • Fixed: Support Form: Site URL field was disabled hence was not getting send after form submission, made it readonly.
Mar 3, 2017 - Version 2.0.1
  • Added: Language Translations added w.r.t v1.1.
  • Fixed: Conditional content methods and variable name changes.
  • Fixed: Better XL core start file, Fixed some db entries
  • Fixed: Position select has some deprecated options.
  • Added: Global Data tracking now combine trigger data with the basic info.
  • Optimized: match_group for rules not received post-ID as argument rather than post object
  • Fixed: get_product_sales query modified to get todays sales also.
  • Added: Extended Options for date range picker dropdown.
  • Fixed: bets seller list - exclude_cats handling for no overridden case.
  • Fixed: Data gather functions now optimized to be work on post-ID rather than post object.
  • Fixed: Deal Expiry Timer :Was Showing php date and after load get changed to the date calculated by JS.
  • Fixed: Deal Expiry for variations now check if product is in stock.
  • Added: Guarantee Trigger Color and Fonts css fixes.
  • Fixed: Low Stock to always show assurance when manage stock is off.
  • Fixed: Low stock is now compatible with 'grouped' product.
  • Added/ Fixed: Timer class added for guarantee merge tags. CSS FIX
  • Removed: Caching support for sold_item_count query for sales count.
  • Fixed: Sale Snippet CSS text color and font size issue.
  • Fixed: Savings to not work when the product is out of stock.
  • Fixed: XL support file notification for license now iterate over all installed plugins and check if its pushed a notification.
  • Fixed: CMB2 conditionals JS to be localized for each plugin and metabox of its own and initiated by the plugin js file but not the core JS.
  • Fixed: Low stock JS, when stock quantity is null, handled to show blank when decoding merge tag.
  • Fixed: Sales activities query No.2 have issue, using custom dates but not the date processed by date from - to logic.
  • Removed: Drag-Drop functionality from Trigger listings, creating issues with the UX.
  • Added: New logging pattern added to trigger classes.
  • Added: Way to force debug transient and debugging using query params with keys like `wcst_force_debug=yes` & `wcst_force_transients_remove=yes`
  • Fixed: Styling issue in guarantee merge tags.
  • Added: JS support for merge tag `regular_price` AND `sale_price`
  • Added: Variation product "savings" support for merge tag `regular_price` AND `sale_price`
  • Fixed: Timestamp issue in time and date rule builder.
  • Added: Save post hook to reset sales list transients
  • Fixed: warnings were showing in smarter reviews modal function.
  • Fixed: updated calling for `update_option` function to manage autoloading
  • Optimized: Queries and set transients for one hour for sales and best seller badge.
  • Guarantee merge tag support limited to guarantee trigger only for now. Returning blank for other triggers.
  • Fixed: low stock: out of stock not showing for variations
  • Fixed: Low stock out of stock css not coming.
  • Fixed: guarantee filter hook to handle 'none' and '' both. Constant conflict was happening.
  • Fixed: wcst logging function datetimezone set on separate date object
  • Added: Cron Job for Weekly license checks
  • Fixed: Guarantee trigger to work when either text OR heading is given.
  • Added: Added support for WooCommerce Booking addon.
  • Fixed: Product price rule logic modified to work with variations and grouped product as well.
  • Fixed: Custom request for each trigger handled by abstract class.
  • Added: Options in trigger instances to show it on grid, cart and product.
  • Added: Customizable shortcodes to show trigger anywhere you want.
  • Added Cart_item_key attribute to the cart shortcode for more accurate results for saving trigger.
  • Added: New metabox to add menu order to up and down the order for tge trigger instance.
  • Added: Drag and Drop table rows to reorder them and show them on front in that order.
  • Optimized: Cached custom and WP_Query using `wp_cache_set` for better performance.
  • Added: New rule_type: [date,day and time] in rule builder.
  • Fixed: rule_type product price now supports product variations.
  • Added: New merge tags for date and time to show date and timings in your way using format and modifier for guarantees.
Feb 23, 2017 - Version 2.0.0
  • Added: New merge tags for time left that supports reverse countdown as well for guarantee.
  • Added: New merge tags for Sale price and regular price added to work for deal expiry.
  • Added: Options in trigger instances to show it on grid.
  • Added: Options in trigger instances to show it on cart table.
  • Added: Options in trigger instances to show it on product pages with chosen location.
  • Added: Customizable shortcodes to show trigger anywhere you want. Some Eg are :[wcst_savings] [wcst_deal_expiry location='product'] [wcst_deal_expiry trigger_ids='2270'] [wcst_deal_expiry location="cart"] [wcst_deal_expiry trigger_ids='2233' product_id='482' variation_id = '2072']
  • Added Cart_item_key attribute to the cart shortcode for more accurate results for saving trigger. For Eg: [wcst_savings product_id='482' location='cart' variation_id = '2072' cart_item_key='accc7dfdf98067254fc091db3d8ec17f']
  • Added: New metabox to add menu order to up and down the order for tge trigger instance.
  • Added: Drag and Drop table rows to reorder them and show them on front in that order.
  • Optimized: Cached custom and WP_Query using `wp_cache_set` for better performance.
  • Added: New rule_type: [date,day and time] in rule builder. For Eg: - Show this trigger if day is Friday - Show this trigger if date is greater than 2017-02-20 && Show this trigger if date is less than or equal to 2017-02-28
  • Fixed: rule_type product price now supports product variations.
  • Added: New merge tags for date and time to show date and timings in your way using format and modifier for guarantees. here are the possible merge tag syntax:- {{current_date}} // will pick format fron your wp settings - {{current_date format="l, F j" }} // will show something like Friday, March 3 - {{current_date format="l, F j" adjustment="+10 Days"}} // will show something like Friday, March 13- {{current_time}} - {{current_time format="H:i"}} //any format that supports https://codex.wordpress.org/Formatting_Date_and_Time - {{current_time adjustment="+2 hours"}} - {{current_time format="g:i a" adjustment="30 minutes"}} //outputs as 12:45 pm- {{current_day}} // //outputs as Tuesday - {{current_day adjustment="+2 days"}} //outputs as Thursday- {{cutoff_time_left cutoff="2017-08-15" timer="off"}} //HAS TO MAINTAIN THIS FORMAT yyyy-mm-dd - {{cutoff_time_left cutoff="02:00pm" timer="off"}} HAS TO MAINTAIN THIS FORMAT hh:mm - {{cutoff_time_left cutoff="2017-08-15 07:00pm" timer="off"}} - {{cutoff_time_left cutoff="2017-08-15 07:00pm" format="%h hrs and %I minutes" timer="off"}} - {{cutoff_time_left cutoff="2017-08-15 07:00pm" format="%h hrs and %I minutes" timer="on"}}
  • Added: New merge tags for Sale price and regular price added to work for deal expiry and savings. - {{regular_price}} - {{sale_price}}
April 3, 2017 - Version 1.3
  • Added: Did handling for WooCommerce new version 3.0.0
April 3, 2017 - Version 1.2
  • Added: Support For WPML
  • Fixed: Low stock : out of stock visibility in js for variable products.
Mar 9, 2017 - Version 1.1
  • Fixed: PHP warnings on thank you page.
Mar 8, 2017 - Version 1.0.9
  • Fixed: Countdown Timer Jquery Plugin conflict with some themes.
  • Fixed: no-cache header getting sent because of session_start.
  • Fixed: Double slash coming in asset file URLs.
  • Added: Translation added for Romanian, Portuguese, Swedish, danish, Serbian, Russian, polish & Czech.
Mar 1, 2017 - Version 1.0.8
  • Added: 1 hr caching on Sales Count Trigger.
  • Added: Caching reset after new WC order for Sales Activity triggers.
  • Added: Real-time active users data for last 15 mins.
  • Added: Filter hooks to modify hard frontend text.
  • Fixed: contact plugin author page in xl sales triggers settings UI.
  • Added: German, Italian, Spanish, French & Dutch translations
Feb 22, 2017 - Version 1.0.7
  • Fixed: Calling of Triggers when local product level not override.
Feb 20, 2017 - Version 1.0.6
  • Removed: Snippet that was creating conflict with Visual Composer Editor JS [Compatible with VC]
  • Added: Caching using transients on Best Seller & Sales Snippet Trigger.
Feb 16, 2017 - Version 1.0.5
  • Added: Localization done. POT file added
  • Added: Blank index.php file in each folders
Feb 15, 2017 - Version 1.0.4
  • Fixed: Best Seller List trigger: show when 'Hide category' condition met true
  • Updated: Smarter Reviews trigger, code modified to integrate with any 3rd party review system.
Feb 13, 2017 - Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed: Deal Expiry trigger: did handling for a case when deal is on but sale price not set
  • Added: Low Stock trigger: Out of stock feature added.
  • Added: 1 Day, 3 Days, 7 Days & 15 Days options added to Best Sellers & Sales Activity triggers.
  • Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce Bookings
Feb 09, 2017 - Version 1.0.2
  • Fixed: get_instance function "is_super_admin" condition removed
  • Added: sales activity trigger: debug logs
Feb 08, 2017 - Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed: Sales Snippet trigger: modified query to include current date.
  • Updated: License page text.
  • Added: description below position field under trigger
  • Updated: Sales Insight trigger: user text 'display information' condition modified.
  • Updated: Best Seller Badge trigger css.
  • Added: WCST_Core class self instance static function added.
  • Updated: Rules admin UI, css improved.
  • Fixed: js replace function only replace 1 occurrence not all. so regex added for multiple replace
  • Added: Delete Permanently action added on wcst triggers listing view
Feb 06, 2017 - Version 1.0
  • Public Release
Feb 04, 2017 - Version 0.9
  • Added: Helpful links in plugin seetings page sidebar.
  • Added: Sales activities trigger: Date range field added.
  • Updated: Best sellers trigger: SQL query optimized & cached.
  • Updated: All Inline styles changed to Internal.
  • Updated: Internal conditional logic changes on the change of tab.
  • Fixed: Styling of Rules area.
  • Added: New post status introduced for WCST Trigger custom post type.
  • Updated: Sales activity trigger: Code modified for rules.
  • Updated: Savings trigger: Code modified for rules.
  • Added: Rules
Jan 14, 2017 - Version 0.7
  • Fixed: Settings issue in Smart reviews trigger.
  • Added: wp_parse_args on data modal function to pass it with default values.
  • Moved: Default values to WC_Common Class.
Dec 22, 2016 - Version 0.4
  • Fixed: Product page: Corrected On page load tab issue.
  • Added: Best Seller trigger: ‘top badge’ merge tag added.
  • Added: You save trigger: filter added for decimal point change.
  • Updated: Global settings. - Fixed: Responsiveness checked & corrected.
  • Fixed: UI on single product page modified.
  • Updated: All CMB2 configuration modified.
  • Fixed: Plugin activation issue, [Compatibility with give wp plugin].
  • Updated: Sales Insights trigger queries cached & modified.
  • Updated: Few labels.
  • Fixed: Some merge tags were wrong, so corrected.
  • Updated: Data called for the core logic by the new structure.
  • Fixed: Woocommerce doesn’t exist issue. Causing fatal errors.
  • Added: Guarantee trigger: support for built-in icons and custom icon.
  • Added: ‘Need Help?’ tab on single product page.
  • Removed: Required attribute from settings.
  • Updated You Save trigger handling with variable product type.
Dec 2, 2016 - Version 0.1
  • Internal Release

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