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Unable to Receive Plugin Updates

If you are unable to receive plugin updates in your dashboard. There could be multiple reasons for it.

Please figure out your reason and follow the suggested steps accordingly.

Case 1: I have not activated license key : At beginning of every purchase you are allocated a license key. Same key can be found in your XL plugins account. Please use that key to activate your license. You can activate your license by visiting you WordPress dashboard and navigating to XLPLugins>License section.

Case 2: I have activated license a year back and it has expired :Check if you have a valid license key. It may have 1 year and since you last purchased and you haven’t renewed the license. In that case you may not receive license updates. If that the case you can upgrade the license from logging into your XL Plugins account.

Case 3: I have a valid license but still not receiving updates: We use transients ( or temporary keys) and only make update calls to our server when they expire. This is done to ensure that your site continuously does not ping our system for updates .

But sometimes your WordPress set up may set transients which do not expire and your site may not ping us at all. That could be one of the other common reasons of not getting updates. Follow this procedure step by step

  1. Create URL like  yoursiteurl.com/wp-admin?remove_update_transient=1
  2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Copy the URL in Step 1) , paste in your WordPress Dashboard and press Enter ( ensure that you are https://yousiteurl.com/wp-admin/ while performing this step
  4. Hitting the URL in your dashboard will clear the transients
  5. Visit you Plugin Dashboard page https://yoursiteURL.com/wp-admin/plugins.php . You should see the updates.

Note: If after ensuring all the above situations you still don’t receive updates. Please raise a support ticket.



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