5 Sure-Fire Ways to Pull More Profits with eCommerce Promotions in 2020

It’s September already!

We’re a few short weeks away from some of the biggest promotional campaigns for eCommerce stores.

Maybe you run campaigns every year and are always at the top of your game or maybe you pass up out laziness every time.

Or maybe you want to run promotional offers but have no clue where to start and how to set them up.

No matter where you are on your journey or which category you belong to, the truth is well-planned promotions can help you record exceptionally high sales that you won’t otherwise do in the whole year.

They stop shoppers in their tracks and give them a compelling reason to cough up some moolah. So why miss out and be a mere spectator?

Take a look at some of the opportunities that are lined up for 2017 to set up cash-generating promotional campaigns:

Labor Day (Sept. 4th)
Halloween (Oct. 31st)
Veteran’s Day (November 11)
Thanksgiving (November 23rd)
Black Friday (November 24th)
Cyber Monday (November 27th)
Green Monday (December 11th)
Free Shipping Day (December 16th)
Christmas (December 25th)

As you can notice, Labor Day is the first opportunity to cash in on!

And mind you, the opportunities to clock exceptionally high sales are only a handful so don’t miss out on even one of them. It’s time to get equipped, gear up and take charge of your profits for 2017.

Luckily for you, you have stumbled upon this article. So let me give you some high-ROI ideas to create successful holiday promotions that your shoppers can’t resist!

1. Run Time-Bound Sale & Start a Countdown Timer

Creating a sense of urgency is key here. If people don’t know that the sale is for a limited time then they’ll not drop everything and make the purchase on priority.

So give them a clear deadline, let them know when you’re pulling down the sale.

Go ahead and start the countdown timer. A sense of urgency drives people to the finish line otherwise they’ll stay back procrastinating.

Notice how Lee has set up a clear countdown timer for its sale:


If you want to set up a campaign with time-bound discounts, you didn’t have this option before. You couldn’t start and end campaigns at a set time. But now you do

You can use Finale  to set up timer bound campaigns with a sticky header like this:


The sticky header on the top clearly lets you define the reason you’re run the promotion. Let your shoppers know about time-sensitivity of the offer.

Use urgency-inducing words/phrases like:

Hurry! Act fast!
Today Only
Clearance Sale
Never Again
Don’t Delay
Now or Never
Offer Expires
Don’t Miss Out
Your chance to make the savings goes away in

These words and phrases compel people to act fast.

On the sticky header, you’ve also got the ticking countdown timer. It acts as a visual cue and reminds shoppers that they only have a limited time to close the deal.

The sticky header automatically disappears once the deal ends and the timer expires.

Here’s an example of the text template you can use:

It’s Labor Day Sale!
In the honor of Labor Day, we’re offering a discount of 20% on all items in the store. Act Fast! Make the most of it before counter strikes zero.

See how to set up a flash sale in WooCommerce >>

2. Set up Different Discounts on Different Items. But Highlight the Highest Discount Amount.

This is a genius way of luring in shoppers. You can set up different discounts on different items but you must highlight the maximum discount amount.

It acts as bait and draws people in. Notice how this online store says ‘Up to 40% off’:

When you dive in and explore further, some of the items are at 10% off, some at 20% and so on.

But 40% is a big number and hence grabs shoppers’ attention. It triggers the conversation in their head- and that lays the foundation of a sale.

If you plan to set this up in your WooCommerce store, the hardest part will be to visit every product and set up a discount individually. That’s tedious and time-consuming.

But now no more!

You can simply set up discounts on different products from a single page based on their price using Finale. Here’s how you can do that:

You have to choose the price range of the products and then enter the discount amount.The discount amount will get assigned to all those products falling in that price bracket.

No need to waste a ton of time going to every single product page. Easy!

3.Create Special Offers Such as ‘Free Shipping/Expedited Shipping’

Offers like these work like a charm. They are time-sensitive and this is exactly what makes them even more desirable.

Notice how popular and high-converting store Chubbies is running the Labor Day campaign:


Humans are wired to positively respond to the word Free- it acts as an attention-grabber and also serves as bait.

Based on data pulled from 100 million online transactions, 20 million user profiles and 100 email campaigns, marketing solution provider Retention Science discovered online shoppers are twice as likely to respond to free shipping offers versus price discounts.

Finale allows you to auto-apply the free shipping coupon as soon as the item is added to the cart.

You can advertise free shipping on the store through sticky header/footer like this:

You may also promote the time-limited free shipping offer on your social networking sites. Once someone sees it and lands on the store, they’ll see the same conversation getting continued here.

And this is a great way to be consistent with your branding & messaging.

Click here to learn how to set up free shipping campaign in your WooCommerce store >>

Watch the training video here >>

4. Create Special Coupon Code For That Specific Festival

Create a special coupon code for the specific festival and spread it out to your social networks. Set the expiry date and time.

The instant gratification that comes with the use of coupon code is unmatched. More so when the coupon is time-bound!

Generic coupon codes don’t feel as special as personalized coupons do. A coupon code specifically created for Labor Day clearly signifies there is a deadline attached to the task.

Notice how Local Flavor an online store has created a special coupon code – Less Labor for Labor day:

Now you too can do it in your WooCommerce store and put the code front and center on a sticky header/footer. Also, you can start a countdown timer to show the expiry date and time of the coupon code.

Here’s how it’ll look:

Notice the coupon code on the sticky header is specific- it’s ‘LBDSAVE15’. This tells people that if they don’t act before Labor Day, they will miss out on the savings.

Keep in mind that sometimes an extra 10% can make people choose your site over the competition.

Click here to set up time-bound coupon-led promotional deals in your WooCommerce store.

5. Send Email Campaigns to Get Shoppers Excited About The Promotions

Sending emails before your campaign starts helps spread awareness and brings shoppers to your store. There’s no point offering mouth-watering discounts on great products if people never find out about it.

Get your customers excited about the amazing savings they can make during the promotion.

There’s already an emotional angle to holidays and the context of Labor Day is already set, you can pounce on it and make the most of it.

Use your email to showcase the Labor Day special inventory and have some follow-ups in place:

Here’s an interesting finding on when to send out emails:

A key finding of the report (by MarketingLand) revealed emails sent during the afternoon had the highest conversion rate at 38 percent, compared to 28.5 percent conversion rate for emails sent between 6:00 a.m. and noon, when most businesses send marketing emails.

Watch the video here to set up an urgency-inducing email campaign in your WooCommerce store.

What’s Next

I showed you how you can make the most of Labor Day and make your campaign a success.

But the rules of promotions remain the same. No matter what campaign you’re running – it could be Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday- the excitement of shoppers is at its peak during the festive time.

You have the opportunity to make the most of it. Some of these festivals are known to clock the highest sales in the year for store owners. Festive time is gold for eCommerce space.

If you’re not making the most of the festive time, you’re leaving money on the table for your competitors to have dibs on.

Your business needs you to be an opportunist.

Are you going to sit back and watch others jump the queue or actually take charge of your profits? You’re the best judge.

And in case you still haven’t, I’d encourage you to:

Explore Finale for your WooCommerce Store

So get your shoppers excited and create cash-pumping, profit-pulling campaigns around the holiday season.

Cheers & Happy Selling!

Published by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is a conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She helps store owners identify hidden opportunities in their store to make more sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.