How to Set up Exclusive Festive Campaigns in WooCommerce

Shoppers are excited in the lead up to holidays and suspend their rational thinking. They lead their buying decisions with their emotions dominating them.

The best part about festive season is that there’s an inherent urgency associated with it. If shoppers do not buy during the initial days of sales, they will most likely miss out on stocks or products of their choice.

This fear of missing out makes them rush to grab deals and get ahead of others.

So how can you as a store owner make the most of it?

Set up the most powerful and popular festive campaign i.e. Free Shipping Campaign. It lowers the barrier to shopping.

‘Free’ acts like a customer magnet and pulls people in. Even casual browsers get pulled in due to the ‘free shipping’ offer. But make sure it’s a time bound campaign and will not go on forever.

In this video I’ll show you how to:

– Generate a coupon code that allows for Free Shipping and then associate its validity to a ticking countdown timer, such that once the counter strikes zero – the coupon code expires.

– Set up a sticky header/footer on your store’s home page so that your visitors instantly know that there is a campaign going on. And that it requires them to take fast action.

– Display that coupon code along with a ticking countdown timer on the homepage itself so that the moment someone lands on it- they discover the offer right off the bat.

You’ll also see how once a shopper adds a product to the cart, the shopping cart becomes persistent. And the ticking countdown timer follows them through the entire checkout process. Nifty? You bet.

Attn. : Here to watch how to set up a ‘Free shipping’ campaign? Skip to the 5:00-minute mark in the video. Get straight to the juice. 🙂 

Published by Tavleen Kaur

Marketing Head at XLPlugins, Tavleen gets the word out and helps customers get the most out of the products from our stable. She helps store owners sharpen their conversion chops. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.