WooCommerce Reviews Got Smarter: How to Persuade Shoppers With Less Reviews

[00:00:00] Hello I am Tavleen and I am the chief of marketing of XL PLUGINS.COM. Well the first product of XL Plugins is Sales Triggers which is a suite of 7 triggers which increase your conversion rate. [11.2]

[00:00:11]So this is a WooCommerce plugin. Well if this is the first video that you are watching then I would urge you to watch the others on our YouTube channel so that you can get a better insight into what these 7 sales triggers are. Well in this video I am discussing with you one of the 7 sales triggers which is about smart reviews. Smarter reviews actually. All right so before I get started with that I have a quick question for you. Now there was a charity drive and these are the two options. These are two different cards that were sent to people’s home. And so I want to know from you which of these two do you think converted better? So the first option is $3 for 8 cards. And the second option is 300 pennies for 8 cards which is a bargain. So ‘which is a bargain’ was actually part of the text was part of the copy right. And I haven’t added it. So for clarity.Right. So which of these two do you think actually converted better. Well if you set the correct answer is second then of course you are right. Bingo. The reason for that is that it has completely re-framed the argument right. So $3 for 8 cards. Well OK people to decide for themselves right. [1:14.2]

[00:01:26]And people are too lazy. 300 pennies for 8 cards, right. So the first thing that comes to mind is that if it’s pennies it’s got to be cheap. Right. So that is the obvious reaction that this statement evokes. Right. And secondly by going a step further and saying ‘which is a bargain’ that actually they’re actually letting people know that ‘you know what, this is not expensive this is pretty cheap right’. Definitely your choice of words has an impact on your shoppers’ mind and it is insanely important that you actually help them form their opinions. If you do not help them form their opinions they will form their own opinions and then you will not be able to influence them. So I will show you how you can use this as WooCommerce store owner. Right. So look at this this product has 7 reviews. We see it everywhere and make me see it in all stores probably it’s their own your product detail page as well that this point 7 reviews or 5 reviews or 10 reviews right. [54.0]

[00:02:20]Now this statement standalone is not doing anything right. But you can then re-frame it to say 86 percent of shoppers give this item more than four stars or 91% of shoppers said they were satisfied with their purchase right. So in these two cases you’re actually going one step further in helping them form their opinion. Right. 91% of shoppers were satisfied with their purchase which means it must be good. Right. So you’re helping them fund their opinion. This statement just doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t it doesn’t really help them form an opinion about it right. [33.8]

[00:02:55]So let me give you a demonstration of the smarter reviews trigger in sales triggers. Right.[5.1]

[00:03:00]So let’s go ahead and explore this. [1.5]

[00:03:03]Let me take you backend show you how you activate this trigger so from the drop down select a smarter reviews. Now here as you can notice we’ve got two options. One is satisfaction rate. The other is for positive feedback. The satisfaction rate is based on the ratings given and the positive feedback is actually based on the number of people who gave that rating. Let me show you what that means now. The satisfaction rate is actually calculated on the basis of the rating right. So let’s assume, a product has a rating of 4.3. So people have given it a rating and it has and it has an average rating a 4.3 out of 5. So the satisfaction rate will be 86 percent righ! So 4.3 out of 5 that will be 86 percent right and positive feedback is actually the number of people who gave four or five stars. Right. So you four or five so let’s say eight out of 10 people have actually given four stars or more than four stars so it will show a positive feedback of 80 percent. Right. So 80 percent of buyers gave more than four star rating. This is such a positive statement because it completely. It uplifts the shoppers confidence and it it really helps reinforce that the product is actually good because 80 percent of people gave more than four stars or when the statement comes right up here. It definitely acts as a positive. It definitely has a positive influence on the shoppers’ mind. Right.[1:31.7]

[00:04:35]So these are the two ways of displaying the text and of reframing the statement about the reviews and then you have the option of showing the template with higher percentage. So you can actually let it pick one of these two templates based on which one has a higher percentage right. So if this if this has 86 percent of this has 80 percent then 86 percent one will be shown. Right. Than the satisfaction rate we’ll be shown. But if this is higher if more people actually gave more than four stars or five stars then this particular template will be chosen right so it can auto select the one which has a higher percentage. Or you can say ‘No, I want to show satisfaction rate’ or maybe ‘positive feedback’. Then you can select any one of these you have the radio buttons available to pick one. Then it also gives you the option of hiding the template. If rating percentage is less than 75 percent in that case no text will appear here. Right. It will be completely blank or I can just say this product has 3 stars or has 3 reviews. Just switch back to the normal mode. Right. And then ‘hides template if the reviews are disabled’ so if you have disabled reviews from the backend then this trigger will not get activated. So you can say yes or no to that question. Then you’ve got ‘hyperlink text with reviews area’. [1:26.1]

[00:06:02]So what it does is when you actually click on this it takes you to this review area. So you can hyperlink this text so it can immediately take them to the section so they can read the reviews to the point of satisfaction. Right.[15.5]

[00:06:17]So now you have the option of change the text color, the font size and all of that based on just your store’s theme. So that’s how simple it is to use the smarter views trigger and obviously as you can see that it can be really helpful because every statement helps people take a decision. Right.[19.5]

[00:06:37] If you like what you saw I would encourage you to head out to Xlplugins.com/woocommerce-sales-triggers and look at these 7 psychological triggers that you can apply on your WooCommerce product page today and watch more orders pouring in. [16.7]

[00:06:54]So it will allow you to display the countdown timer to create urgency. Show the stock status then show the savings of shoppers can make in percentage an absolute number, shows recent sales activity to again activate social proof, gives bullet proof guarantee box to assure a commitment to your store towards your product and to amp up their trust in your store. Then it actually re-words the reviews as well as satisfaction rates. It says 92 percent buys with satisfied with the product or more than 86 percent of buyers gave us more than four stars. Right? Statements like these which completely change the way you look at reviews and say the same ‘three reviews’ ‘five reviews’ right. That doesn’t really help them form an opinion and it finally shows stores’ best sellers to reduce anxiety and to direct people to the product they really want. So this is the before and after. So I hope really hope that you enjoyed this. If you did, don’t forget to head out to this link and go ahead and install this on your store right away! [1:01.5]



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