How to Optimize Your WooCommerce Product Page for More Conversions

So you want to optimize your WooCommerce product page for more conversions.

First off, great move. The product page is indeed a great place to start for pulling in more conversions.
But here’s the thing- you don’t want to spend an endless time tweaking your product pages.

That can lead to frustration. You want to be able to do nifty and simple tweaks that have a proven impact on the conversion rate.

Most advice out there revolves around high-resolution images, good user experience, high loading speed and good copy.

Yes, that is important, and you should not overlook it. No. But in this article, I am going to go beyond the obvious.

Here we’ll talk about psychology-powered and science backed techniques that bring results.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

#1. Show the exact savings your buyers can unlock by buying an item from your store

24% of all shoppers are tightwads. This means they hold their money too close to their heart and hate the idea of spending. Even when buying something they need, they avoid for as long as they can.

Highlighting savings replaces the pain of parting with money with the joy of finding a good deal. So display the savings down to the last cent and in percentage too.

Notice how does an excellent job of highlighting the savings in absolute number as well as in percentage.

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#2: Show the real time stock status to induce scarcity

Would you rather go to an event that’s filled up only 5-10 seats or to the one where 5-10 are remaining unfilled?

It wouldn’t take a genius to choose the latter. Because it turns out that’s what most people would do. When something is scarce, we assume it’s in demand, and that makes us want it even more.

So let your shoppers know the real-time stock status of your items. Turn on the visibility of the stock status when the number of the articles left is little.

This induces scarcity and makes people act fast to avoid the fear of missing out.

Notice how Wolf & Badger show the actual stock status to create a sense of scarcity. Now you must realize that if this number were a high 50, it wouldn’t have a positive impact.

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#3: Start a Countdown timer on your discounted products

Maybe you’re offering discounts only for two days or for two hours. But how will shoppers know that the deal is time sensitive and will end soon? A ticking countdown timer keeps them on the edge of their seats and nudges them to seal the transaction before it runs out.

The fear of missing out keeps them from losing the opportunity.

Notice how shows ‘deal of the day’ with the countdown timer:

A deadline jolts shoppers into action. No wonder pages with countdown timers convert way better than pages without countdown timers.

In a test by, the variation with countdown timer reported 226% more conversions:

The confidence level shot up to 99%. All because countdown timers do an excellent job of creating urgency.

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#4: Show your commitment towards your products through an irrefutable guarantee

A strong guarantee that shows you care about your shoppers boosts their confidence. And winning customers’ trust can unlock more sales for your store. Guarantees such as:

  • Hassle free returns
  • Call our support executive for help
  • We’ll gift wrap your item for free
  • Estimated shipment and delivery details

These are not only persuasive but also assuring. Notice how displays a doubt-allaying, confidence-boosting guarantee on the product page:

To further this conversation, here’s an interesting insight:

As per a VWO study, a store owner showed ‘Authorized Dealer’ badge on the product page. And this ALONE lifted his conversion rate by a mind-boggling 107%.

Here’s a snapshot of the variation with the confidence-building badge that reads ‘Authorized Dealer Site.’

This shows that if you address people’s last minute objections, they are more likely to convert into buyers.

So make sure you take the space you need to respond to their hindering fears, uncertainties, and doubts.

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#5: Show recent sales activity on your product page 

Which of these two would you choose?

  • A crowded restaurant with a waiting queue
  • An empty restaurant with waiters staring you out of the door

I am sure your answer is the former. A busy restaurant is a sign of good food and ambiance at affordable costs. Otherwise, why would it pull the crowd! Right!

That’s exactly how we form opinions. Use this sneak peek into human psychology in your favor.


Show your shoppers what they want to see and know, i.e. if others are also buying the product. Once they have a sense of assurance, their confidence level shoots up.

Get more specific here:

Share the most recent purchases made on your store with the name and city of the buyer. Display product-specific data on the product page itself.

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#6: Show a compelling best seller badge on most popular products

Have you ever been to restaurant first time and asked the waitress about their most popular dish? We all do that.
People prefer trusting the wisdom of crowd more than experimenting on their own. And why not! It’s safer right.

The idea of making mistakes and burning money in the process is cringe-worthy.

So give your shoppers the relief and confidence they need to swipe their card. How? Display a best seller or top seller badge on your high selling items.

Notice how shows the ‘Top Seller’ badge on the product page:

Go a step further to show them what category the products are a best seller in. This specificity increases the credibility of the message.

Explore the Best Seller Badges

#7: Persuade with fewer reviews and win 

As a store owner you may not have a lot of reviews for your products. You’re not an Amazon or a Zappos with hundreds if not thousands of reviews.

So the question is how can you re-frame the argument in a way that even a small number of reviews impress your shoppers?

That’s the question I am answering in this section. Before that, a quick question to you:

Here are two statement that a group of researchers used to sell cards, one of these converted way better than the other. Can you guess which one?

  1. $3 for 8 cards
  2. 300 pennies for 8 cards…which is a bargain!

Yes, it was the second one. The second one sold twice as many cards! This means the way you frame your argument has a lot of impact on human mind. The second statement re-frames dollars into pennies and also adds the line ‘which is a bargain!’

We can use this insight on human psychology to persuade shoppers.
Notice how one of our clients has used the Smarter Reviews Trigger to re-frame ‘This item has 5 reviews’ and changed it to ‘91.67% of customers gave 4 star rating or more’.

This specificity makes the statement credible and increases the confidence of shoppers.

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Published by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is a conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She helps store owners identify hidden opportunities in their store to make more sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.