Kill Buyer's Objection

Display Confidence-Boosting Guarantee on Your WooCommerce Product Page

It was my friend’s birthday and I was ecstatic about buying her gift. After shortlisting two items, I got down to the one I finally wanted. This search + selection took me about 45 minutes.

Her birthday was still 3 weeks away so I was giving ample time to the store owner to ship and deliver. While I was happy with everything – including the fact they could gift wrap it for me and the price suited my budget, I had to exit and go to another store to buy a different gift.

The problem was there were no estimated delivery details on the product page. If the product had got delivered after her birthday, it would have been a total wastage for me. This was very confusing.

I needed to know when I was going to get it!

And I just could not find that important piece of information. So I went to another store, selected a similar item and they had clearly written:

This piece of information no matter how small was pivotal to my decision. It was exactly what I needed. Even though the time was estimated, it helped me get a sense if I could get it before her birthday or not. Bingo!

 Without further ado, I made the payment and bought the item.

That is not just my story; it may be the story of many shoppers who are trying to shop from a store that gives them no information about shipment and delivery.

This missing piece doesn’t complete the jigsaw for them and prevents them from making the purchase.

As a store owner, not being able to show estimated shipping details on the product page is your biggest pet peeve then WooCommerce Sales Triggers should be able to help.

It allows you to display a distinctly noticeable guarantee box on the product detail page so that you can address all the major objections of your shopper before they come in the way of sales.

These objections could be about returns, secure checkout (an important one), shipment and delivery, shipping costs etc.

In fact, the shipment and delivery details do not even need to be accurate, they can be estimates – you can always highlight the period.

As you can notice that we have this really nice guarantee box here always talks about the returns, the shipment, the checkout and all of that. All of those things which actually help arrest shopper’s fears and boost their confidence right. So let me take you on the back end and show you how you can configure a guarantee box like this on your WooCommerce product page.

So this is the backend. Now I have chosen guarantee from the drop down right now. Let me show you that we have a few guarantees here. You can add as many guarantee as you like you just simply have to click on ads guaranteeing to add more guarantees and you are welcome to add the text heading to as many varieties as you like right.

So the first one you’re like in this case is hassle if you don’t. So here you can write the heading you can write the text this is completely editable, you can write whatever you want and that is what will appear on the front end as well as you can see we also have the icon option so you can actually you can either choose a built tonight or a custom is where you add something of your own.

You can have none at all. So we’ve got quite a few options here for adding the item you can add the support I can write and that’s it just updated.

And that is what will appear on the front end Yep. So this is how the icon will appear.

You can add more I can do this.

The remaining guarantees as well. Right now let me show you another thing. This is about the shipment. This is extremely important because it gives you a lot of features. Let me show you how you can do this.

So this is the, this is the heading and here you got the text. Again this is editable and also will give you merge tagsso that you can simply copy paste them and based on what your requirement is and that is how it will appear here.

So as you can notice it says Want it tomorrow, April 5th order the next one hour of 50 minutes 44 seconds and then there’s a ticking countdown timer and choose 1 day shipping at the checkout. A ton of things actually going on over here and a lot of it is actually coming from the merge tag.

For example Tomorrow this is coming from the merge tag because how does the system know what tomorrow is right. April 5th. So today is April 4th and there’s a showing April 5th as the date again this is dynamic it changes right. And then order in next.

And look at this going on timer again it’s. So what is it based on what is it ticking we’ll show that to you. And let me not take you to this. So this is the dynamic merge tag option. We’ve got 4 ways of displaying the shipment details or the delivery details on the front end. One is current date. The second is current day.

Third is today and the fourth one has got off time left. Let me show you each one of these.

So current date is when we are actually shipping the item out on the same day itself that’s why you use this. This is when you use the can and date format right. So estimated shipping date is is the current date you simply copied and pasted into that box and what it will do is, it will show the the current date whenever that user lands on it.

It will show that date as the estimated shipping date. Right because what we’re saying is that we’re shipping out the item on the very same day. So this is a static text but this is a dynamic text which varies based on what the date is on that day. Right. The next one is you can see here we’ve got an adjustment factor. Now this is really interesting.

So what it does is that let’s say that you knew that the order is placed today but you have this next day shipping that you ship out on the next day. Right. That is what you have the next day shipping policy. Right.

So you can simply copy this on what you can say is you can you can have an adjustment factor here so maybe you ship after one day after two days or three days five days whatever you are allowed to change this again this is completely editable.

So it depends on you and your store policies and you can add that adjustment factor so whenever the shopper will land on it, they will be shown that the estimated shipping date or the estimated delivery date is actually plus five days from whatever the current date is and then they will be show that particular date. Right.

So that’s another form of displaying this. Also as you can see we have got cutoff time here a very interesting option. Let us assume that at every day 4:00 p.m. Your delivery van comes and you ship out items at 4:00 p.m. right. Or you send out the parcels at 4:00 p.m. so that just got off time right. Now, what happens is that if a shopper lands on your page and places an order before 4:00 p.m, then you will be shown the shipping date as today.

So he will be shown that it will be shipped out today. Why. Because he’s well before 4 pm right.But if he lands after 4:00 p.m. And we’ve passed that 4 p.m. cutoff time then he will be shown that it will be shipped out tomorrow. So again today and tomorrow also our dynamic text.

Right. So just let me show you this a demonstration of how this will work. We’re going to simply copy this right and we’re going to paste this here and we can all plus zero days. So we don’t want any We were not actually doing any lag right.

And is the cutoff time is 4 p.m just to give you a context right now it’s 3:30 p.m. So we’re still before the cutoff time. Right. And this is zero days so we’re giving you same day shipping. And are we doing it before 4:00 p.m.

That is my that is my cutoff time. Right. So let us see how it really appears on the front end. So it says estimate shipping date April 4th because it is April 4th and it’s still not 4 p.m. right.

We’ve not crossed the cutoff time limit. So that is why the saying that we will be able to ship it today because you have an adjustment below zero days right. Similarly would have you could have an adjustment period of two days and then say April 6th. Right.

[00:08:31]So as you can notice we have all these options available what you really need to know here to do with these options was the adjustment factor and the cutoff time. Right now you can also change the format in which the date actually appears. Scroll down and select the format so let’s say this is how you want your date to appear.

So you can simply copy this and replace this portion with the format right. And it will it will display the date in this current day. All right so what did my Saturday or last Saturday is actually a dynamic text that is part of the merge that. So what she’s doing is that it is actually adding an adjustment factor of four days. Again this is completely editable. Right.

So if you’re able to deliver item by within four days, the order being placed then you can add four days to it or if you can deliver the item let’s say five days after the order has been placed, you can change it to 5 days. So this is completely in your hands. Simply copy this best over there and the system will automatically add four, five six days whatever you whatever option or whatever you’ve input here on the web on the current day. Right. It will automatically add those those many days to the current day. Right.

So this is the third one now this is the ‘Want this today’. I must not tell you that this is as good as a static text because it just says simply wanted today. So today is subjective right.

I mean to do today is today and then even tomorrow when I am in tomorrow I would call it today. That’s subjective right. But what happens is when you add a lot of time to wait cut off time to it, today becomes relative.

So it becomes part of the merge tag, so it changes to tomorrow. Right.

So what happens is let’s say a shopper places an order to day before 4:00 p.m. and your shipment van is yet to go out. So you can ship it the very same day or you can deliver it to the very same day. Right. So that is what we’re saying here that if you want it today you place the order right now and that is the cutoff time.

But if it is well past 4:00 p.m. and if that cutoff time limit has been passed then what it say is Want it tomorrow? Order now. Now it would automatically add one day to it based on what you cut off timing is. So it will check with the real time and will tally it. And then based on that will add one more day to it.

If if we haven’t if we have already passed the 16:00 got off line.

Right now let’s move on to the next option which is cut off time limit. Now this has got a lot of interesting options. So let me show you how this really works. Now as you can see we’ve got Want it today, Tuesday April 4th. Order within..Lot of things going on here. And let me show you one by one.

So Want it today now today is in though it’s actually a part of the merge tag, it is not a static text despite the merge tag, its dynamic right. So the cutoff time here for example is 5:20 again you are most welcome to change this time.

But let’s say it’s 5:20. So it will only say to it will only say today if is still not 5:20 or if we are well past 5 the not say today. Right. And then this is the current date again.

So the current date is actually dependent on this. So if it is today it will be today’s date so order in next. Now this is really important because what it is doing is that the cutoff time is 5 20. I will then put a countdown timer here and it will actually do a backwards calculation and see there are still 1:26:56 and now 55 in all 54 now 53 seconds to 5:20.

So here is a backward countdown timer which is actually creating a sense of urgency and nudging them to order fast within one hour 26 minutes so that they can get it today right. So based on whatever based on the based on the cutoff time that you actually put here it will do all the backward calculations. And that is what will appear on the front page. All you have to do is just copy it and let me show you how you would do this so we just copy it right.

And then we would put it here. Right.

And let’s see if we can we just change this so we could say we could save for 20 right and we can see here here.

Right. And you can see here’s what that. You just have to make those changes right.

So now that you have added this we simply update it. And let me show you how it appears on the front it.

Yup. So this is what we have wanted today for order in the next zero hours 40 minutes.

That’s a ticking countdown timer which has been done though and it is because we just have about 15 minutes to go to two. It’s going to be for 20. Right so that’s the time that I did and exactly this is how it is showing the so called anti-Masonic starts running it is so easy to add this come on time or as you just saw we simply copied and pasted this template and it is actually this is from.


So let me show you some more of these much tracks. The next one is next. Sure.

Next the next business day shipping if you order within. And then there’s the cutoff time which gets done on right.

So if you order within one hour 13 minutes or whatever whatever cut off time that you and your 5:24 twenty five thirty whatever time you add your it actually calculates backwards and starts showing up ticking countdown timer and you can notice this particular message is worded in a way that all of this is actually a static text.

Only this is actually part of the merge tag, only this portion is dynamic right. So again it’s in the copy and paste and the text box and it will show the results accordingly on the front in the front.

Now now this one is for rows special series of special offers. Right now let’s say that you have an Independence Day special or you have a Christmas special why you’re not ordering you’re not offering particularly a discount that time but you’re learning your shoppers into shopping by actually offering free shipping but they’re offering free shipping only for Independence Day on Christmas Day. Right.

To actually get them to spend money on your store. So what you can do is that you can actually have a special free shipping timer running. So which is only valid for next seven hours. 29 days seven hours 51 minutes. This is based on the date and time that you set. Right

So let’s let’s think that you have a special Christmas Day offer and you are offering free speech shipping for three days until Christmas so 23rd 24th 25th. Right. So that’s how you can actually add a cut off timer which will be till 11:59 p.m.

And a cut off timer will start to do a backward calculation on it. When it will encourage them to place that order by offering free shipping till that time till the cutoff time is actually hit. Right. So these are some of the options that you have.

Again just copy the template that you want and just important make some changes to it based on your requirements. I see the magic on the front and even this one is really interesting because it uses it uses really interesting much data. So what it saying is that older than the next. And then you have the cutoff time which is like this case it’s 17.

And he has a format in which you want the timer to be displayed and get by. So the current That’s plus four days right so he has an adjustment factor here right. That is the much Jack with the adjustment factor.

So you want to get to it by four days from the current day. Right. This is how and again this is it. This isn’t right. And you can also edit the format in which you want to display the color timer whereas So simply just copy this and you can edit this you can change the cut off time and you can change the average adjustment factor right and display the results accordingly. Right. It’s as simple as that. Let’s move on to the next thing.

So far from all the options that I just showed you got anything that also allows you to change the background color of the border color the text color and the font size off the top of the box which appears up front so as sure as you can notice we call it a light gray colored background. There isn’t any border really but you are always welcome to add a border.

You can change the text color right though it’s black in color and the font size based on this theme. Another popular feature in Sales Triggers is RULE BUILDER. Now what it does is that it prevents you from the hassle of using separate product pages into your product pages to activate triggers. Right now for GUARANTEE trigger it is insanely useful because what you can do is that you can actually alert you can you can get it give it a command and tell and tell it to.

Activate guarantees and when the Day is not Sunday and when the day is not Saturday right when the Day is not Saturday. Right.

So what happens is then these guarantees will work from Monday to Friday they are not going to work on Saturday and Sunday. What happens on Saturday and Sunday. Let me show you.

You can simply add sales triggers from your heart and it will add it we create it we create a replica of this right you with a duplicate of this simply by adding scenes. And when you go on that you can again select guarantee from here. Right.

And you can have all of these as it so you will offer hassle-free return, even if he places the order on a Saturday or Sunday. Obviously the secure check out is still valid so these remain as as it is. But when it comes to shipping since you do not ship on Saturday and Sunday so I’m assuming that you don’t then what you can do is you can simply say we order today will be shipped on Monday. Right.

So this could be a static text which would appear only on Saturday and Sunday. [1:08.1]

Well that mean you could pick up one of these merge tags here so you can say that the estimated shipping date  is actually the plus right so you can add you can say well estimated shipping date will be plus three days. Right. So you do that as well.

So you could have a static text or a dynamic text based on your requirement and the others could. The other guarantees would remain as it does.

They don’t need to change what needs to change however is that you need to say when the day is Sunday and when the day is Saturday.

Right. So once we activate this these options only activate this one when the day is Saturday and Sunday because when the day is not Saturday and Sunday when that is when just from Monday to Friday we have the other guarantee activated.

So this is what rule builder allows you to allows you to do it like I said it is really possible. Another interesting aspect of the rule builder is that you could actually add let’s say one more to go so you can add as many tickets as you like. Now let me show you a demo So let’s say you add one more to go you to guarantee from your. Now we would have retain the hassle if he would tell them we would retain the as secure and secure check out. Right. So we’re going to retain this.

What we need to do is we will say free shipping now watch what I do and we will say this item will be shipped free. Right now this is free shipping.

Apart from the hassle free return and secure checkout we also have free shipping and now we go down into the room and we will say product price is greater than 50. So that is your threshold. This means that on all items which are priced over $50 or £50 depending on what the cost what your currency is, the free shipping trigger will appear right.

So this special thing will appear on the on items which are priced over $50 and I’m sure you too have a threshold on your store. So you say that probably items over $50 or $100 I would ship them for free. Right.

So you can show this free shipping thing only on items which are over 50 so that is an interesting use case. Well Rule Builder is actually a very useful application. And coupled with guarantee trigger it becomes really powerful as well. I would invite you to go ahead and explore this and yeah that tons of use and I’m sure you will come out with brilliant use cases for your store.


Published by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is a conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She helps store owners identify hidden opportunities in their store to make more sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.