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Show Savings on Discounted WooCommerce Products

[00:00:00] In this video I am talking about the #1 sales-boosting technique for your WooCommerce Store and mind you, this technique is used by bigwigs like Amazon and eBay, Zappos and more.Now you can use it too. Well let’s get started without further ado. [15.6]

[00:00:16]So think about this, while walking down the road you found some money on the sidewalk.You picked it up and pocketed it. Well now that’s cool. Everything is still normal. You keep moving and perhaps pretty soon you even forget about it. On the other hand think about this. You get pick-pocketed and when it’s time to make payment at the store you just can’t find your wallet.

Well that would be devastating. The will freak you out right. Do you know why? The simple answer is losses loom larger than gain, losses are twice as powerful psychologically.

People just hate to part with what they own. And this is in accordance with Endowment theory. This means your shoppers to part with their money. That is why they cringe at the thought of swiping their card, there is PAIN associated with it. But here’s the good news you can use this massive insight on human psychology and turn this PAIN in your favor and increase your store sales.

I am sure you’re wondering how. Well simply by showing your shoppers what they can save by investing on an item on your store. When they see the exact savings they can make down to the last cent or penny. Their focus shifts from spending money to saving it. This rather makes them feel like a wise investor. [1:21.9]

[00:01:39]The best part: The pain of parting with money gets traded for joy of finding a good deal! I know currently on your commerce product page, you can only show the original price and the discounted price. But with Sales Triggers, have the option of showing exactly how much they are saving, right. Like in this case it’s $10 and 34.5%. So you can show that their savings in absolute number as well as in percentage.

And this will definitely do that pain of parting with money. [31.8]

[00:02:11]So let me take you behind the scenes to give you a quick demo of how you can configure the Savings Trigger on your Woocommerce product page. welcome to this demonstration of the savings Triggers I’m sure you have this particular trigger works right. This is what we talking about here all the how you can display the savings on your product page and what are the options you have. So let me quickly show you this interface which you are very familiar with.

At the product level as you know that you can actually enter ‘the regular price of your product’ and the ‘sale price’. Right, so like in this case $29 and sale price is $19. Now let’s go to the savings trigger right, from here (drop down) we’ve selected the savings and you’ve got these options here. So you have you this is completely editable right you can change the text here.

What is interesting is that you have 3 options right. There are 3 MERGE TAGS available which you can use to display savings. So you have the ‘savings value percentage’. So what it really does is that as you can see here it gives you, it shows the savings to your shoppers in absolute number. Right.And also in percentage. So like in this case, it is $10 and 33 percent right.

And this is the second option where you can display the savings in value so an absolute numbers. So just $10 flat rate. And this one is for only ‘in percentage’ you like 33%, in this case. [1:25.8]

[00:03:37]So you can pick up one of these MERGE TAGS and place it here. It is a simple copy paste kind of thing. Right. And you can show your savings in that format. Right. So that’s what you can do. You can pick up any one of these 3, to display savings over here. Next you have the color options you can choose whatever color you like. Also the font size is configurable.
So let me take a moment and actually tell you the text that you can put here to create a lot of impact on your shoppers’ mind. So you could see ‘Deals soon expiring. Save $10 or 33%’ or ‘You can save $10 by acting fast’ or ‘Unlock instant savings of $10 or 33%’ right. So you have all these text or text options available, you can write whatever you want. Right.[52.6]

[00:04:31] Now the next thing that you can see is ‘Show below variation price’ – yes or no. So basically what it is asking you here is, that let’s say for a product you have 2 variations. So it is actually asking you if if you want to display the savings on that as well. So let me show you what I mean. Let’s say you have a black and a blue shirt or T-shirt option. Now you can say that ‘Well, yes I want you to show on both of these variations. Right. So, I’m offering some savings on both these on both these variations and activate the savings trigger on both the options’. Right.[36.5]

[00:05:07]You can say yes or no to this question and it will take the action based on your input. [6.6]

[00:05:17] All right I really hope that you liked it and if you did well head out to: XLPlugins.com/woocommerce-sales-triggers. Get your copy of the plugin and install on your store and watch all orders pouring in.

It’s a suite of 7 powerful conversion-boosting solutions for your store that will help you:
#1: Display countdown timer on your time-limited deals to create urgency.
#2: Show the items left in stock to induce scarcity in your shoppers.
#3: Display potential savings to trigger loss aversion on your discounted items.
#4: Share the most recent sales activity to create social proof.
#5: Give bullet-proof guarantee on your WooCommerce product page to amp up confidence and to show your commitment to your products.
#6: Display the satisfaction rate.
#7: Highlight the store’s best sellers to reduce shopper anxiety.

Well so if you want these triggers activated on your stores I would encourage you to go right away to: XlPlugins.com/WooCommerce-Sales-Triggers and get your copy of the plugin. Thank you so much for watching [1:14.1]

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