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Display WooCommerce Best Seller Badge To Evoke Desire

Have you ever been to a new restaurant asked the waitress about the most popular dish or the bestselling item in their menu? We all do this at some point or the other.

Why do you think we do this? Well, we try to reduce our cognitive load and rely on people’s ability to make decisions. Well, this is a well-known phenomenon that just called ‘Social proof’.

So by definition social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

So it gives people a sense of assurance that if others trust an item then it must be good. And they put their money where their trust is. Well the good news is you too can use psychological phenomena to convert more shoppers into buyers for your store. So I am sure, you are wondering how. Well by displaying ‘bestseller badge’ you are best selling items.

Let your shoppers know which of your items are most popular among the other shoppers and this badge will act as a visual cue, it will guide them toward the items which are popular among others and will help them make their own decisions. Now let me take you behind the scene and show you how you can configure a very attractive and a noticeable badge like this on your best selling items.

So lets go behind the scenes and discover how you can do this. [1:27.8]
[00:01:29] All right. So welcome to a quick demonstration of how the best seller tag trigger really works. Now I’m going to show you how you can activate this on your WooCommerce products page. Let’s get into the back-end. So from here you can select the bestseller badge from the drop down and then here is the best seller badge text, so as you can notice this is the standard text which is bestseller.

Now here you can see you can see that it says number one. Number one is not static. Although this one is coming from here.Right. But #1 is actually a dynamic text. And now here what this trigger is doing is that it is actually calculating the rank of a particular product. Right. And how is it doing it. So it’s based on the category based on the based on the category that a product belongs, it is actually calculating the sales of that product right. So let me just give you an example, let’s say that you sell chocolates right.

And here we’re talking about a product which is chocolates and the chocolates is actually in two categories one is the ‘handmade chocolate’ category and the other is the ‘personal gifting’ category. Right. So those are the two categories. Now the particular chocolate that we’re talking about it might be actually are #2 best seller in the in the handmade category but #1 best seller in the personal gifting category. Right. So it just goes to show that it is going to show the rank which is actually higher right.

So the number is lower the rank which is higher.
[00:03:03]So obviously Rank #1 is greater than Rank #2. Right. So just go to show rank #1 and it is it is that is how it is going to pick up the rank from the back end based on the sales that that particular product has clocked.

As you can see the text displayed here says ‘rank displays highest rank of the product in any category’. Right. This is what it does here. Then you have the option of selecting the date limit, so the date limit is basically the time duration from which you want it to pick the best seller from. So do you want a best seller from the past one year or 15 days or 30 days.

You can select that limit and it is going to actually only look at the sales record of those many days or of those many months, as you’ve selected. Right.

You can also custom this. So you have the option to change it. And. So you can give it the command to choose the best seller from that date limit. Right. And then the other option is hide badge if highest rank above___.

So what basically this is asking you is that do you want to hide the best seller badge if a particular product is actually is is ranked lower than 10 or you can get this number right.

So what you are essentially saying here is that ‘I do not want you to display the best seller tag if my product rank is let’s say 5 or 6’, right you can set the number here and then it will not display the tag, if it is not. [1:33.5]

[00:04:38] If it is not a #1 bestseller #2 bestseller or #3 or #4 bestseller right. So it is it is NOT going to display the tag unless that (condition) holds true. If it is #6 bestseller. Well, it’s not going to display it, based on what you have selected over here are right now. These are the badge styles like right now we have this one so we’ve got ribbon one here you can select any of these badge styles based on how you want it! You can change the color of the of the badge here. Red obviously stands out.

Then hyperlink category: So you can hyperlink this category right. So what this basically allows you to do is that it allows you to send some SEO JUICE to this category so when you are internally linking your pages it increases your SEO value in the eyes of Google. It also allows you to hyperlink this category. So that’s also you can say yes or no. Right.

And this is the badge text color which is white right now. And you are obviously welcome to change any of these. Now since this is a merge tag, everything is completely dynamic and it is tallying the record from your sales data and showing everything based on the real time feedback that it is getting. So you can simply just set it once and forget about it. It is going to look at the sales data in real time and show the tag up front. Right. So that’s what is going to do next. We’re talking about the best seller list. [1:27.1]

[00:06:05]So you can notice that on a particular product page we have these three more things available. And this is the headline right. So what this is saying is that this item is best seller in the following categories right.

Like right now I just told you about the chocolate. Now it could be #2 bestseller in let’s say ‘handmade chocolate’ category, it could be #1 best seller in the ‘personal gifting’ category. Right. And it could be #5 best in the in the flavored chocolate category, right. I mean you you have all these things available right. Now it is going to simply pick up that data. And going to display it in list format on the product page, right. Again allowing you are asking you if you want to hyperlink the categories or not. Right.

So what it does is that it does say it adds one more reason it gives one more compelling reason for the shopper to take this item seriously. To be more interested in the item because when he sees that, Well it is not just an ordinary product. Actually it’s been selling quite well and it’s an it’s a very it’s it’s a high selling item after all of the store. Right. And it qualifies as a best seller not just in one category but 2-3 categories right. So this actually adds another element of credibility. [1:15.6]
[00:07:21]So let me show you how you can configure this.
Simply select a best seller list from the back and again choose the data limit it could be 30 days, 6 months or 1 year based on based on the the that the limit that you want. Then you’ve got a list heading here which is this once again completely editable, you can write whatever you want. Right. Then this is the list text, it actually consists of MERGE TAGS. So it’s a dynamic text right. Category rank and then the best seller in category name. Right. So second best seller. This is again dynamic it has come from the real-time sales data in T-shirt category. So on whatever degree it is for me it is going to pick it up from there.

You don’t have to worry about it. Then you can say that but I just want that do not show it if it’s more than four categories right. Do not show it. So only four categories, right now it’s 3, probably there were just 3 of those. But you can always set a limit here and vary the list size as per your requirement.

Then ‘hide category to rank as above’. So I do not want to show an item in this list, if the event is over 10 or over 5 or 6 or whatever. Right. So unless it is below that I’m happy I’m happy to show but not not if it’s greater than 5 right.

Then you can hyperlink the category again like I just showed you have the hyperlinking available to do the internal linking.
Right. So that is what’s the best seller all about. And yeah I hope that you really enjoyed learning about it. Thank you.

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