Your Buyer's Biggest Pre-Sale Question is: "When Will I Get This Item?"

Display WooCommerce Estimated Delivery Date To Address That Objection

[00:00:00] All right. Welcome. Hi I’m Tavleen and I am the chief of marketing at XLPLUGINS.COM. And where are we talking about the Sales Triggers which is an product. And if you want more information feel free to head out to – [20.0]

[00:00:20] So I’m doing product detail page critique and makeover and it’s a very interesting product detail page. OK. What I am going to do is I am going to highlight one major tweak that can be made in this product page, using XL Sales Triggers. [15.2]

[00:00:37]As you’re aware, there’s a very high percentage of people end up abandoning the cart because proper shipment and delivery details are not mentioned. Right. So it can be completely disastrous not to tell your shoppers details about the shipment delivery of the item. What this product detail page has done is that it has indeed shared the information about it with their shoppers. So in that context obviously it is it is doing the job well. The problem is I want to show you what the problem is. If you go on delivery. It gives you it gives you just a block of content and then leaving it to the shoppers to digest it and to find out the important piece of information for themselves. [45.6]

[00:01:22]So it is very confusing as well. Right. So look at this free delivery in the U.K. It will take around three to five business days express international delivery also available. Orders received before 11:00 a.m. Monday to Friday will be processed that day orders received after 11 am are processed and dispatched the following morning. Orders placed after 11:00 a.m. on Friday will be processed for delivery following Monday morning. We hold us talk at our factory open for local customer pick ups. As you can see this launch of information stuffed into this short paragraph. So let me now show you as a WooCommerce store owner how you can take care of all of this. [37.4]

[00:02:00]So in a very concise format how you can address all these objections of your shoppers and give them this information without putting them off. Right. And at the same time create a dollop of urgency on your product detail page so that they are compelled into the action mode. The promise is big but will live up to it. So let me take you to the backend and let me show you how you can configure this. [27.2]

[00:02:28] All right so this is the backend non I have selected guarantee trigger from this drop down. All right now what I’ve done is for your convenience for our mutual convenience. Actually I have just pre-fed the details here. Some I will take you through them one by one. The first one, there are three guarantees that we’ve given here 3 of these are activated. The first one is free shipping right so as you saw that there’s free shipping anywhere in the UK, no miniumum orders. So we’ve written that very clearly and persuasively that it’s 100 percent free shipping if anywhere and no minimum orders. Plus we’ve added this as the built in icon, which is the tag ‘FREE’. We’ve chosen one of the icons from here from the top down here and I’ve chosen this particular icon. The second guarantee is really interesting. So it’s fast shipping. OK. And what I’ve done is as you saw that it said that if you order before 11 am it will be shipped the same day and it will be delivered between 3 to 5 business days. Right. So what I’ve done is order in the next, and then as I said you have used to DYNAMIC MERGE TAG. There are several merge tags here. All right. You can choose any one of them, for example this one estimated shipping date current date format or estimated shipping date and then there’s an adjustment of four days. So what it will do is that it will add four days to the current day. [1:20.9]

[00:03:49]If you if the if the shopper is placing an order to 15th of April it will save the estimated delivery date will be 19th of April. And by adding four days to it. So you’re most welcome to just copy it and changed it straight you can change this to four to five days right now. Now here is the cutoff time, so cut off time in that case was 11 a.m. Cutoff time basically means what we are telling the system is that if you are displaced the first six to NDP like in this case I’ll be able to you know I will be able to deliver it within 5 days from that. Right. So that’s my cut off date. But if it placed after 6:20 PM then well then take another action, maybe add one more day to it. So that is what you’re actually giving commands to the system. Similarly here are what have done is that I have chosen this particular merge tag where I’ve said all that in the next up or I’m getting by yes. [57.3]

[00:04:47]That’s right. So is this dynamic merge tag. So all that and the next and the cut off time I’ve added is 11:00 a.m. and up and then this is the countdown timer right so I switched on the countdown timer to tell them that you can order before 11 am and they are like 2 hours 20 minutes 10 seconds to go till it’s going to be 11:00 a.m. right. So that way they can count down timer keeps running it keeps creating a sense of urgency getting them to act fast. And get it by. And then there is a lag of four days so we’re saying that you’re going to get it by four days from whenever you are placing the order. So I simply pick this up right and pasted this here and that I’ve made some changes. Like for example I said other in the next. And then I change the cut off time which was in that that merge tag was 6:20 I made it 11 AM and then the format, everything else remained the same. I added here for same day shipping right. So if you order before 11 am it will be shipped on the very same day. Get in between and then I added an adjustment factor plus three days and plus five days. So get it between let’s say if this comes out to be 23rd April and 25th April. [1:08.7]

[00:05:55]So that’s what I have done here and it is not just concise and consumable at the same time with the ticking countdown timer, we’ve also created a sense of urgency in the mind of the shoppers right. So I’ve chosen a built in icon from here, which is the shipping van. I have picked it up from the drop down to instantly let them know that we’re talking about shipping here. Thirdly I have added one more guarantee to say factory pick ups also available like you saw that they had put that information along the other other information. So I’ve separated it and made it in or and made it noticeable. so factory pick ups available, want it earlier? Local factory pickups available. Order now picked up my London based factory between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Right. And I have added this built in icon of tag “open” now. Background color, border color, text color, all of these are configurable options right. So let me show you how it appears on the front end. I will update this section this it. Right as you can see that a noticeable guarantee box has come right below the ADD TO CART BUTTON. But you have the option to change the position of this guarantee box. I placed it beneath the add to cart button. Now I’ll show you how you can change this. So this is free shipping hundred percent free shipping. Anywhere in the UK no minimum orders for shipping. As you can see it says all during the next 15 hours 53 minutes 57 seconds so just for reference it’s right now. So right now the time is 7 p.m. OK. So there are 15 hours still to go. It will be 11:00 a.m..Right.[1:52.2]

[00:07:48]So that is exactly what it is doing is running a countdown time until it is 11:00 a.m. right. For same day shipping get it between this. Now what will happen is that once we’ve passed the threshold once we’ve passed the cut off time, once it’s 11:00 a.m. the countdown timer will get reset. OK. And the next day the cut off time would automatically change to next days’ 11 a.m. right now get it between 20th- get it between three to five business days. Right. So three days from now. So again just to set the context today is 17th April. Right so that’s 17 plus 3 days is 20th April and 17 plus 5 is 22nd April right. And then this is a nice, little tag here which says ‘factory pickups are available’. So again we’ve broken down information in very very concise manner, created a sense of urgency for the shoppers, and given them a very clear information with the dates of when they’re going to get it delivered. So this is the original one. So again there are no dates, just a very very bland way of presenting information. And since it’s like all muddled up it’s actually very confusing to find out what’s that important piece of information for me. Right. It doesn’t take into account the day when I am coming and visiting the store right. So definitely this one can be easily beaten by this one and it gives information to the shoppers in a very concise manner and very digestible manner. I hope that you enjoy it. If you did please do not forget to head out to XLPLUGINS.COM/WOOCOMMERCE-SALES-TRIGGERS. [1:33.3]

[00:09:22] And once you head out to that you’re going to find out what all XL Sales triggers can can do for you. [17.4]

[00:09:40] You can set up countdown timer to create urgency, you can show stock status, you can show potential savings that your shoppers can be making and give guarantees to show your commitment towards your product and store and do a whole lot more things which make your product page, product detail page psychologically persuasive. So go ahead and explore. Thank you so much for watching. [22.5]

[00:10:02] I hope it was a great learning experience for you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did this. Thank you [5.5]



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