Finale Version 1.1 Released

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the launch of Finale latest version 1.1.

We have been working on this for over a month now. And excited to roll out this update in your dashboard.

As soon as you upgrade Finale to the newer version and go inside your campaign settings, you would notice some exciting changes.

I’ve put together a complete detail of what those changes are and why we’ve done them.

1. New improved UI

You would notice that we have overall improved the settings experience. It’s more clutter-free. With a product like Finale which has so much to offer, having a UI that’s simple and yet provides several features is always challenging. But after many iterations, we’ve made the user experience as smooth as possible. Use it and let us know how you feel.

2. Discount

In The Discount tab, you would notice two types of Discounts Modes: Basic and Advanced. Advanced discount is the new addition. It allows you to set up discount tiers based on regular price. To give you one quick use case. Say you want to set up a discount of “Up to 30 Percent”. You can set it up in a way that products priced between say $10 and $20 qualify for a 5% discount, products priced between $20 and $30 qualify for 10% and so on.
No need to visit individual product pages to set up discounts.


It’s only the beginning.

3. Inventory

You would notice that in Custom Stock you would be able to set up tiered inventory similar to discounts. It is great if you want to run limited edition or limited stock campaigns on multiple products.

So say for products with an inventory size between 0 and 50 units, 10 units should be shown on the front end, you can do that. This is beneficial for stores which have high stock inventory but want to showcase small number to a user to generate maximum scarcity.

4. Coupons

Coupons is a new section. Here you can automatically or manually apply coupons which are valid for a campaign for a particular period.

Here is a quick Use Case: You want to run Independence Sales and Offer Free Shipping for a given time. You can create a coupon which makes shipping free and let it automatically apply when the product is added to cart.
The best part?
You can show the coupon’s validity through a countdown timer which when hits zero, the coupon expires too.
It also makes your shopping cart persistent which means the coupon expiry countdown follows the user through the checkout process.

Nifty? You bet.

5. Elements

We have introduced a new Element: ‘Custom Text Box’ which can be used to show any message on the product detail page.

You can get creative and write your message. These message display on product pages during the time the campaign runs.

6. Finale Settings in Admin bar

One of the feedback we got was when multiple Campaigns were set up, it was confusing to know which campaign was running on which product. To work around, you would now notice “XL Finale” bar in admin . When you are on Frontend you can hover over the bar and get the details of which campaigns are running on the product. This would help you quickly troubleshoot in case right campaign does not appear as per the settings.

7. Set up of Use Cases

We have started educating our users about how to best use Finale . We have set up 16 use cases to give you ideas so that you can exploit Finale to your maximum advantage.You can download this XML file and import it via WordPress import. All the use cases will get imported. Create a dummy product and keep them restricted to this product. Play with it and explore more.

View Live Demo

Apart from this we launched a new
Finale Email Timer. It allows you to embed countdown timers in your email.

And it’s a perfect solution if you are looking for creating high-converting email campaigns. You can now take concept of urgency beyond the website. And up the response rates of your user.It’s available to all users on xxx and yyy plan. If you wish to upgrade your plans to access this, log onto your account and do upgrade. You only pay the difference.

That’s it.

I am sure that you would notice that Finale is evolving.

Can’t wait to see how you use version 1.1 of Finale.

Published by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is a conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She helps store owners identify hidden opportunities in their store to make more sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.