Convert WooCommerce 'Out Of Stock' Message Into Goldmine of New Leads

[00:00:00]All right. Welcome. I’m Tavleen and I am the chief marketing at XLPLUGINS.COM. And here we are talking about SALES TRIGGERS which is an XLPLUGINS.COM product. And if you want more information feel free to head out to: [18.2]

[00:00:19] All right so I’m at a store that sells beauty related products and I saw this really interesting form here. Now as you can notice that this particular product is actually out of stock. So instead of just leaving a very flat message saying that the product is ‘out of stock’. What they’ve done is they’ve actually put on an email collection box here which asks you to leave your email id so that they can notify you when the product is back. And I thought this was such an interesting feature. Why. Well because it helps, it increases customer loyalty right. Because when they’re leaving their email ID and they are wanting you to get back to them. The chances of actually converting they have more chances of going back whenever your item is restocked right because they have committed to the fact that they want you to notify them right. This also becomes an opportunity for you to collect e-mail IDs like now mostly when you show a pop up. People might just cross that off and exit and probably just continue browsing our store. But when they willingly leave their email id and voluntarily want you to get in touch. Then of course you can add their email to your subscriber list as well and send them not just notification when you restock the item but also about your offers about your special deals about fresh arrivals and all of them. Right. So it’s an interesting option as you collect e-mail IDs and of course the product is out of stock and you have converted that data into an opportunity which is just great. Right.[1:28.8]

[00:01:48] So now I show you how you as a WooCommerce store owner can configure something like this on your product page and collect people’s e-mail IDs on your out of stock items on automation. Right. So sounds like a great plan. Let me now take you behind the scenes and show you how what is actually done. [15.6]

[00:02:06]So now we’re on the back end and I have selected XL woocommerce sales trigger. And from the drop down here I have selected LOW STOCK because we’re talking about low stock trigger right. Here we’ve got three display options. One is the commitment text which is for items which are in-stock. So it gives a simple message-‘in-stock’ right and you have the option to change the color which I’ve made it as green. So whenever the item is in stock it will just display in the green color that it has in stock. The second option is the scarcity text option right now. This is when the item is actually just about to run out or just for five pieces are left. So you can specify that number over here like it’s five in this case right. So when the items left are five the it will automatically switch into the scarcity. Great! So from in-stock it starts showing hurry up we’re selling fast. Only five items left. Almost gone.Right. So you have the option to edit the steps because this is completely ended to be the next thing. This item is out of stock now over here. I’m going to teach you how you can actually configure that form here. The email collection form here whenever you’re up is actually out of stock. Right. And I will show you how to generate a form and then create a short code for it and then we will come back here and paste it. So let’s go back to forms. [1:20.0]

[00:03:26] Now, just a quick note here so you can install any forms you could install Ninja forms, contact form 7. [5.7]

[00:03:32] But I have got Gravity Forms I going to make use of that and I will show you how how you can actually configure a form using Gravity forms. So we will go to new form OK. We’re on a new form. Now what I’d done is I’d already created this form great so that I could quickly take you through this. But it’s really simple to create a form, it’s simple drag and drop. So for example if I would just drag and drop the email part here, that ways it will actually automatically show me a form with The email field. So since that is already here. Sure. I’m just going to get rid of this so that’s it. Right now here you have the option to change the label and the description right. And I could have gone you moved below to 5 when you restart when you took the site in. And the minute we give you a shout out right. So this is this these are some options that you have like appearance which is the placeholder text what you want. You can change this and edit this text. And then this is the description placement. So if you want it below the inputs or above the inputs. So I have added to it. So I selected above inputs And yeah that’s it. So with that you have this form ready now you can go to form settings right. And from here. Yeah. So this is the form title and this is the form description. [1:18.0]

[00:04:51]And you have the option to change CTA button text right so I have written here “yes I want to get notified’. So a really persuasive text and a very personalized message.Right. And we can go to confirmations in the confirmation what we can do is we can actually edit this to write whatever text we want to write. So thank you, now sit back and continue shopping we let you know who wants to restock right so that’s what I’ve written for leaving the confirmation message once a person actually submits his e-mail ID or her email id on my product detail page and then here is the notification notification is how I want to get informed about the form submission. So now we’ve got this we’ve got this from what are we going to do with it. We’re going to simply go and add new post. We are not going to actually add new post, we’re going to pick up the short code. So we’ll select the form – get notified on restock,.display titled, display description. So title true description true we’ve got the short code here , we’re going to simply copy this. All right so now we’ve copied the short code and we’re in the Low Stock Trigger like I was just discussing with you – the commitment, scarcity text and the out of stock text. Now instead of say this item is out of stock we are going to now replace this completely with the GRAVITY FORM short code. Right. So we have to gravity form short code now. The color I want that it should be read right. So out of stock text because it is a notification that we’re giving.So I would like it to be red, you can change it to whatever you like and we’re going to simply update this.[1:29.4]

[00:06:21]So now let me refresh it and show you how it will appear on the product details page. Right.[5.3]

[00:06:27] So.[0.5]

[00:06:30]You get notified and restock leave your email below and then you’ve got the placeholder text here and then yes I want to get notified. So you can leave an e-mail ID. You can test it. So let me show you this so I’m going to leave tavleen @ Yes. I want to get notified. So that’s it. This is the confirmation text- thank you now sit back and continue shopping, we will let you know once the item is restocked. So it is such a great opportunity for you to actually not just collect e-mail ids but also to build customer loyalty. Right. Because when they’re leaving their email id, they want to get new device. Right.They’ve actually raised their hand and said that I want to receive e-mail from you right. And they are genuinely interested in the product so that’s it. [38.5]

[00:07:08]So if you like what you just saw I would encourage you to head out to XLPLUGINS.COM/WOOCOMMERCE-SALES-TRIGGERS. And then just go ahead and explore this it not just allows you to actually show the items left in stock and with a scarcity message the commitment message also allows you to do a lot of other things for example show Countdown timer to drum up urgency. Show the savings that your shoppers can be making to trigger loss aversion. Then share the most recent SALES activity to activate social proof. They show commitment towards your products and towards the store. [33.1]

[00:07:42] Show a bullet-proof guarantee box. So there are more things that you can do. We’ve got 7 psychology-backed Sales Triggers which will help you increase your sales. So this is the before and after. So go ahead and explore this and come up you have the option to view the demo and to make the purchase and to install it on your WooCommerce store right away. So I hope you enjoyed that and if you did, do let me know in the comment box below because I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this presentation to you and to tell you what all options are there so that you can increase your sales. Happy selling thank you as you are the next video! [32.6]

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