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Deploy This Sales Activity Insights On WooCommerce Store To Boost Conversions.

[00:00:00] All right welcome. I am Tavleen from XL And we’re talking about Sales triggers which is an product. And if you want more information feel free to head out to Now I suggest that you watch this video first. All right. So in this video, we’re talking about something really interesting. It’s the sales activity insights trigger. So it is one of the seven sales triggers that allow you to increase your conversions on your WooCommerce store. Each of these triggers is actually backed by shopper psychology. IF THIS IS THE FIRST video you are watching on sales triggers I would request you to watch the others which are on the YouTube channel because you will find out how each of the sales triggers is actually backed by shoppers’ psychology. So it’s no fluff at all. All right so with that context set, let’s move on and let me ask you a quick question. Are you more likely to go to this restaurant or this restaurant. Well if you are like most people I am sure that your answer is this one. The one that you see on the screen right now. Why? Because there are more people here and this one is completely empty. [1:16.5]

[00:01:17] Right. So while this restaurant gives a sense that it’s not doing well and there are not many people coming over so it probably wouldn’t be good right. What is this one gives a sense that since it’s busy and it attracts crowd. It means that it’s good. And we also go a step further to deduce that this visual signal also means that their food is good. Right we haven’t tasted the food. But we can see a lot of people sitting here having a good chat there. They seem to enjoying. So we deduce that the food must be good too right. In this case we see no one sitting here and it’s empty. Right. And so we don’t want to be the first ones to go there and we don’t want to take the risk. Right because obviously what if it’s not right. But here the wisdom of crowds works in its favor. You know so many people can be wrong. Right. So that is why you assume that it is rather a good restaurant and it is actually because it’s something so many people and the food also is. Right. This is also called him in psychology. This is also called Halo effect. Right. So by definition Halo effect is a cognitive bias: An observer’s overall impression of a person company or brand or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties. Right. So just how you looked at it you observed that there were people sitting there. Your overall impression was actually influenced your feelings about that about that restaurant right. [1:30.8]

[00:02:48]So it’s pretty pretty interrelated. [2.2]

[00:02:50]So I’m shall now show you how you can use this insight in your favor: This insight about social proof and this insight about halo effect. Right! So if you’re a woocommerce store owner, I would tell you how you can configure something like this on your WooCommerce product page. So it says 3 orders in the last 30 days or this little snippet about the names of the people and the cities from where they have bought it right. Now these are snippets of information which show the recent of activity on store. It helps convince people that your store is actually not an empty store and that people are buying that particular product and it takes care of their last minute objections and fear the doubts. It just arrests them and let people know that others are also investing in this product. This is not typed information right. This is actually it is a very authentic information which is coming from you or your store’s backend, you can always you you can edit the text so you can edit the text here. What it is doing is that it allows you to choose to see it because actually allows you to choose the duration. So just like in this case it is you could you could bring it down to 15 days if it’s a fast selling item you could take it up to a year and you could take it up to six months and you could just say that that’s a 10 orders recently or 10 orders in the last 6 months. So you have the option to edit all of that. Right.[1:20.1]

[00:04:11] Also here it’s picking up names again from your store’s back end. Right. While you are always welcome to edit it. You are always welcome to change it but it clearly communicates when stores actual sales data to show these snippets on the product page. So I’m to take you behind the scenes and show you how this is done. [19.4]

[00:04:31]So let me take you to the back end and so here we have this activity with that we have two options you see count and sales snippet. I cover both of these. But first let me cover sales count. So she is you know just you have. Ask to date limits. So what that means is that in what duration you would like your sales date to be displayed. So you say let’s say three days or 15 days or 30 days you can choose whatever number you want, it’s going to get the date from your store backend and show that data here. So here are two merge tags – one is order count the other is sold item counts. So order count is how many orders have been placed- seven orders in the last 30 days. Right. And sold item count is, let’s say one order constituted of 2 sales or maybe one order was 2 sales, the other order was 3 sales then it is going to show the number of items that have been sold. So right so it’s going to show that number over here. So what is interesting is that you can make you can tell it to hide if the number of orders is less than and you can choose the number you’re right. So what you’re basically telling it is that if the number of items sold in the past 30 days is actually less than three or four or five then do not display this sales trigger, do not activate this sales trigger on that. Right. So that is what you are letting it know. And now you have all these options of changing the background color the border color the text color and the font size. [1:32.5]

[00:06:04]So as you can notice right now we have white as the background color and we have grey border outline and we are showing the text in black and the font size is 16. So all these options are completely editable. And this text box is you can edit this text box so you can also say orders in the last 30 days or you can see that. [22.6]

[00:06:27] Well these many orders were placed for Christmas right! [6.0]

[00:06:33]You can be more specific and again it’s an open playground and you can edit this and make this however you want it. Right. Now Lets move on to sales snippet and let me show you on the Woocommerce product page. This is how it appears, it shows you the name of the people and the city where they have bought it right. So it gets the data from this back end of your store. So it crunches and then shows the relevant data up on the page up front. Right. So here again you can set the date limit with people people within 30 days or within 15 days or 3 months or you can even custom this custom write this right. You can change this data as your equipment then. It sales snippet. So but this is how it kind of it shows that this is how it outputs the data. So buyer from buyer A from city A, buyer B from city B and x others bought the item recently. Also let’s there have be five six seven sales then it is not actually going to show the name of the city or the buyers. Is not gonna sit here and just say that just for family names and places offer to libraries and then it’s just one thing and five others for this I was invited just to prevent that clutter. It’s going to smartly show all the data up front. Also again you have all these options you can customize background color, text color and font size [1:35.7]

[00:08:09] Right now we have give a little bit of border and we’ve given it a bit of background color just so that it’s a kind of sets itself apart from the other things out here. The other elements out here.[10.6]

[00:08:20] Right.[0.4]

[00:08:22]The next thing is Rule Builder which is very interesting feature in sales trigger. So what you can say is that I do not want to sales snippet or the sales count to appear on all my products, I only want it on a particular category or I only want it on a certain product type or maybe just on the products which are actually greater than $50 right. Or on product category which is what you say you can actually insert the exact category right so it allows you to do all that configuration to customize it. [37.6]

[00:09:00]And there are options I would just invite you to treat this like an open playground and come over and play. [6.9]

[00:09:08] If you like what you saw I would encourage you to head out to and look at these seven psychological triggers that you can apply on your WooCommerce product page today and watch more orders pouring in. So it will allow you to display the countdown timer to create urgency, show the stock status then show the savings your shoppers can make in percentage in an absolute number, show recent sales activity to again activate social proof, give bullet proof guarantee box to show your commitment to your store, towards your product and to amp up their trust in your store. Then it actually rewords the reviews as satisfaction rates so it says 92 percent buyers were satisfied with the product or more than 86 percent of buyers gave us more than four stars right! Statements like these which completely change the way you look at reviews instead of saying three reviews or five reviews right. That doesn’t really help anyone form an opinion. And it finally shows stores best sellers to reduce anxiety and to direct people to the product that they want. So this is the before and after. So I hope really hope that you enjoyed this. If you did, don’t forget to head out this link and go ahead and install this on store right away. Thank you. [1:18.3]



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