Top WooCommerce Tips : 3 Little-Known Tactics To Jack Up Conversions

“I get visitors to my site. And they are relevant visitors. But they don’t convert into buyers. What do I do?”

You may have a stunningly designed WooCommerce store but it still may not translate into sales.

And I understand there are a bunch of blogs offering tips, techniques and strategies to help you. It can get overwhelming.

In this post, I will cover top 3 tactical ways to get an edge over the competition and generate more orders. Note: Your competition is not doing this.

Ready for your unfair edge? Let’s get started.

Watch this video before your competition finds it

In a nutshell, here’s what I cover:

Little-Known Tactic #1: Shoot professional high-quality videos for your products

This is one thing that most people will not do. Most people will not go the extra mile to create the videos because of the efforts that it takes.

And most probably your competition will not do that. But you can get an edge by creating high-quality professional videos for your products.

One way to create the video is to: Shoot the product from different angles, zoom in and out on various features of the product, pan in and pan out.

And put a background score to it. The other way is more interesting.

Face to camera videos

The other way which is more engaging and more catchy is to create face to camera videos. And here’s a perfect example of that.

So this is a video from SF bags and man on the camera actually starts off by talking about the need for the product.

So he talks about men coming in and telling them that they wanted something just both formal and functional.

And how that need actually led to creating the product. And then he goes on to explain different features of the product like the number of pockets, the material used, the handcrafted
leather etc.

The best part? He goes on to explain the use case of the product so how best you can use
the bag to solve your various needs. And then he dives deeper to handle different objections.

Now, remember people will always have objections regarding your products. These could be:

  • How many pockets does it have?
  • Will it be heavy when I wear it?
  • When I sweat while wearing it?
  • Is it really that functional or does it just look good?

Those objections cannot be handled by a static picture or a product description alone. And that is where videos work like a charm.

So no matter what you’re selling, create short, catchy and engaging videos for your products. They will definitely do more justice to the product than static pictures or textual product description ever can.

Little-Known Tactic #2: Match Features with Benefits

The second tactic is to have the “so what” section but most store owners write product
descriptions in the “flowery language”.

They focus too much on the features of the products and much less on the benefits of it.

“It’s got 5 GB of storage space.”

So what?

“So that you can have 1000 songs in your pocket.”

That sounds impressive.

Noticed how the conversation changes?

“It’s made up of wool.”

So what?

“Well, so you won’t have to wear socks with these shoes which means no foul smell, no blisters, no shoe bites. That makes it lightweight.

The best part? It’s machine washable! It means you can toss them into the washing machine and out they will pop fresh and clean and all smell really good.”

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Dedicated Benefits section on


They have dedicated a space to highlight the benefits of the product. They use short and snappy sentences to highlight the benefits along with the icons to depict the benefit.

This extra effort makes this section highly scalable.

So I would suggest you go ahead and check out your product page to see whether you have written the benefits of your products or not.

So feature a section just like ALL BIRDS on your product pages.

Little-Known Tactic # 3: Invest in creating high-quality content and amplify it on Facebook / Instagram

This is one strategy that your competition will not use unless they’re in the game for the longer haul. So what this requires you to do is to dive deeper and look at what are the most common questions that your customers are asking.

So listen to them and take notes.

Then create content around it so craft the right pieces of content.

Go ahead and craft write stories which resonate with your potential buyers and spend money to amplify that content so that it can reach your target audience.

This will help you attract the right community to your brand.

You’ll love this recommended reading section on and they’ve divided their blog posts into three distinct categories:

Beard, Body, and Hair.


This doesn’t sound strange really because these are three chief reasons why people visit their store.

So it makes a lot of sense to get them what they want right there. Look at this first blog post in the beard category:


“How to grow a thick beard fast; the only guide you will need”

Make your content share-worthy. Here’s how they do it:

#1: This post is powered by a deep understanding of what their target audience wants

It’s talking to men who don’t have a beard yet they want to grow it.

No wonder the post highlights the food you can eat, the exercises you can do to grow a beard. It also discusses the pros and cons of keeping a beard.

And this context gives them a chance to position their products in the blog post.

#2: This post addresses their prospects’ most common objections to purchase 

Growing beard is kind of a big decision.

So people will have objections to growing the beard. And that is why the blog post addresses their objections.

Objections like:

What about the itchy beard?

What will I do if I have dandruff in my beard?

How will I kiss with my beard?

Well, those are certainly valid objections and that is why this guide takes a moment to address them and uproot them.

I’m sure that you appreciate that it takes me effort and obviously money to invest in this kind of content and to amplify it. This is why most people will not do it. Your competition won’t.

And that’s where your unfair edge lies!

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That’s a Wrap

Loved it? What other points do you have to add to the list?

What else do you think you can do that your competition is not doing?

Remember: Your unfair edge does not come from copying your competition but from doing what others won’t. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

Published by Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is a conversion strategist at XLPlugins. She helps store owners identify hidden opportunities in their store to make more sales. Reach out to her to learn more about turning your WooCommerce store into a cash-generating asset.