Are you a WooCommerce store who wants their store to convert better?

We’ll audit your store and give you an extensive report + video detailing how you can achieve that goal.

What you’ll get? 

  • Traffic Source Analysis- No generic advice such as ‘run Facebook ads’ or ‘do SEO’ but really specific traffic acquisition guidance based on the industry you’re serving.
  • Home Page Optimization- Get a perspective on how visitors see your store. Our report will highlight how you can optimize your homepage to decrease bounce rates.
  • Product Page Optimization – You’ll get a complete lowdown on how you can address your visitors’ objections to buying from you and close the sale.
  • Complete funnel and flow optimization guidance
  • X-Ray vision and tear-down report of any 3 emails that you send to your customers- This may include the welcome email, promotional email and emails asking for review
  • Optimizing your store for 98% of the visitors – An average store’s conversion rate is not more than 2%. You’ll get a comprehensive report on how to capture and convert the remaining 98%.

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