A Stunning Collection Of 10 Additional Field Types.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GravityXL provide?

GravityXL introduces 9 new advanced fields to Gravity Forms.

Where can I try a demo?

Try out demo before you buy.Visit demo page for more details.

Is GravityXL free?

GravityXL offers a free as well as paid plan.Learn more about different pricing structures on pricing page.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes we offer 15 day refund policy in case GravityXL does not satisfy your needs.

Can I buy fields individually?

Yes we built this in a way that you can buy as manay fields as you want.However , do checkout our bundled pricing for all fields.We ares ure you would find it a sweet deal.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely! We offer dedicated support to all our customers with valid license keys.

How long does my license last?

Your license is valid for one year from the date of purchase. We offer 30% discounts on renewal.

What happens if I don't renew my license?

Your addons continue to work as it is.However you loose access to support and plugin updates.

What are the requirements for this plugin?

GravityXL requires a minimum version of Gravity Forms 1.9 and a minimum version of WordPress 4.0.

I have more questions to clarify. Can you help?

Absolutely! We are happy to help. Drop in your questions via Contact Page. Our team will swiftly get back to you.

Kind words from our happy customers.

I just activated a simple campaign to test out Finale on my store. A short 3-hours campaign led to a quick 15 sales!
Conversion rate increased by 156%! Thanks guys.

Adrian Mitrache

I was very impressed with Finale. I used it for my Black Friday Sales and it was such an improvement over native WC functionality. For one I could set the sale end time to be something other than midnight my time zone. I’m in New York time zone but I have a lot of people shopping late on the West Coast so I set it for 1 AM PT. I got a lot of sales in those extra four hours.

…What impressed me the most is how easy it was to do everything and everything I wanted was right there. I am super picky on execution and notice everything, so I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy they made it to create your various deals.

I’m glad I used Finale for my holiday sales and will continue to use it for various things unrelated to my holiday sales.

Aimee Serafini

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