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Smarter Reviews

Default WooCommerce Review System shows Rating Stars and Number of Customer Reviews.

Often, small stores do not have the liberty of greater number of customer reviews.

And, shoppers can form a negative opinion about the product.

This trigger reframes the argument to show numbers which are more persuasive.

Sample this:

4.3 Rating or 86.6% Satisfaction Rate

4.5 Rating or 90% Buyer gave it more than 4-star rating

Which one sounds more persuasive?

You get the point.

Re-framing the ratings for larger numbers makes rating more compelling.


Achieve re-framing is by using one of the two templates. Satisfaction Rate Template Or Positive Feedback Rate Template.

Satisfaction Rate Template calculates a percentage of rating. For example, if the product has an average rating of 4.3, it will show satisfaction rate as 86%.

This template uses these merge tags:
{{rating_percentage}} displays percentage of rating.
{number_of_review}} displays number of reviews

Positive Feedback Rate Template calculates the percentage of buyers who gave 4 or 5 stars.For example, if 8 out 10 buyers gave rating greater than or equal to 4, it will show positive feedback as 80%.

This template is built to weed out negative reviews which cause the drop in the total rating percentage.

This template uses these merge tags:
{{positive_feedback_percentage}} displays the percentage of people who gave four or more stars.


  1. Customize satisfaction rate text
  2. Customize positive feedback rate text
  3. Set it up to display template with the higher percentage.For example, Satisfaction Rate template calculates percentage 85% while positive feedback and Positive Feedback Rate Template calculates percentage 90%, you can set-up to automatically show template with the higher percentage.
  4. Hide text if template percentage falls below cut-off percentage
  5. Hide text if reviews are disabled
  6. Hyperlink Text with Reviews Area
  7. Choose text color
  8. Adjust font Size
  9. Select the position to display the text.
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